Simpler, faster, and safer ways of accelerating fintech adoption

New technology continues to transform the financial services industry at the speed of light. As financial companies—both new and old—rethink and redesign strategies to adapt, survive, and thrive, Teleperformance can drive strategic opportunities to your business as the need for resiliency in the fintech industry rises every day.

Digitally integrated fintech services, powered by empathy

Customer demands are changing rapidly, and fintech companies must adapt at the same pace. As an agile business services partner, Teleperformance blends the best technologies with human empathy to help you achieve business continuity and exceptional CX.

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Trust in our proven track record in the financial services industry

A topnotch and best-in-class security framework

As a GDPR-compliant company granted with a Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approval, Teleperformance continues to protect our clients’ and their customers’ data privacy and align our processes with the EU’s strict data transfer protocols.

Elevated fintech services to boost and simplify payments processing, B2B onboarding, payment investigations, cash management services, regulatory reporting, chargeback, disputes, and issuer/processor management

Ensure security and seamless interactions throughout the customer check processes: onboarding KYC checks, KYC refresh, sanctions/screening, AML, and transaction monitoring

World-class CX throughout the customer journey across different channels, providing support in B2C customer service, frauds and alert management, dispute resolution, complaints management, collections, customer helpdesk and admin, and general inquiries/chat.

Fintech services across procure to pay, order to cash, record to report, collections, and payroll processes

Proven solutions for simpler, faster, and safer interactions during onboarding, data entry, account creation and management, vendor reconciliation, vendor maintenance procurement, sales fulfillment, HR outsourcing, and indexing

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