Enabled by AI

We never underestimate the power of people.

We use AI to help our people to be the best they can be for your customers. We know, that when it matters most, customers want empathetic support from customer experts, enabled by technologies that make it easier for our people to give them the service they deserve and the brand experience they expect. So, when designed to complement one another, brands can effectively bolster customer satisfaction and loyalty with the right combination of high-touch, high-tech support, underpinned by proven processes.

Our multi-dimensional approach ensures

Amazing experiences for your customers

Emotional intelligence

High-touch support

With AI absorbing most mundane, manual, and time-consuming tasks, live support experts can provide the empathetic ear and human touch that customers want when it matters most. At Teleperformance, we actively recruit, hire, and train people to deliver the compassionate care that customers crave when self-service or basic bots won’t do. Never underestimate the power of emotional intelligence (EI) when your customers are in need.

Artificial intelligence

High-tech solutions

Automate simple tasks and empower live team members with intelligent tools. Accelerate customer access to basic information and offload mundane tasks so that live experts can focus on resolving more complex and high-stakes issues. Virtual assistants also empower them with sentiment analyses, response recommendations, and call summaries – effectively eliminating the manual functions that live employees dislike most. At Teleperformance, we have been deploying AI-based solutions for nearly a decade already, and possess the track record and industry-specific best practices to help our clients achieve more, faster.

Operational efficiencies

Process excellence

Eliminate process inefficiencies and streamline your operations. We believe in eradicating friction for both the businesses and customers we serve. We apply strict, Lean Six Sigma methodologies to optimize internal processes and operations.

Our proprietary process standards TOPS and BEST reflect the company's expertise and demonstrate our successful integration of personalized service (High-Touch) with advanced technology (High-Tech).

Increase your knowledge

MIT Technology Review Insights

Humans at the heart of generative AI

Get the most business value from generative AI with a prudent and human-centered approach is necessary. It enhances both employee and customer experience by automating the handling of routine tasks and repetitive inquiries while providing background support to employees tasked with more complex issues. Read the exclusive report from MIT Technology Review Insights to learn more – only available here.

Ready to transform your customer experience?

Partner with Teleperformance to experience how we can enhance your customer interactions with the with the right combination of high-touch, high-tech support. 

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