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TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have teamed up to examine industry-specific trends

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine the trends currently shaping the technology sector. With a focus on human-centricity, industry leaders are weighing the potential for immersive experiences, taking a fresh look at the evolution of the metaverse. Its potential to transition customers from using mobile phones to AR hardware is driving companies to offer fast, agile, and scalable support as business needs evolve.

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Travel & Hospitality Trends: The digital experience takes flight

Explore interrelated themes in the travel and hospitality sector that emphasize the value of memorable, seamless experiences, influence technology investments, and enable a culture that embraces change.
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BFSI Trends: Investing in the digital-first enterprise

Discover interrelated themes in the BFSI space that drive customer and stakeholder value amid unprecedented economic disruption and inevitable transformation challenges.

Retail and E-Commerce Trend Report

Keeping Pace with the Ever-Changing Consumer

Learn about opportunities for increasing competitiveness and strategies for overcoming critical business challenges, including a deep dive into specific segments like Big Box Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods and Quick Service Restaurants.
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Government Trend Report

The Continuing Push to Empower Citizens

Learn how government agencies around the world are innovating to better engage and empower their citizens using a variety of methods, channels, and tools – as well as lessons learned from their commercial counterparts.

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Trend report: Player Support’s Moment to Shine

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine current and emerging trends across the Gaming space, including a deeper look at newcomers and the reasons why some long-established gaming brands continue to flourish.
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Technology Trends: Make Way for the Immersive Digital Experience

Learn the demands of the immersive digital worlds and virtual spaces on tech companies and why they responded with increased spending on technologies to improve digital interactions and augment AI with skilled advisors for seamless and personalized experiences.

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U.S. Healthcare Trends: In pursuit of more personalized patient care

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine interrelated themes in the U.S. healthcare space, particularly increasing customer expectations.
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