I am saddened to confirm the loss of a staff member in Egypt on December 21st.  Despite all the immediate assistance provided onsite and at the hospital, our colleague unfortunately passed away.

First and foremost, our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family and our immediate priority is to continue to support them throughout this tragic ordeal.

We also want to confirm we are providing all possible support to the local authorities so that they can complete their investigations quickly and in a fair and transparent manner. Contrary to some social media rumors, CCTV footage of the incident was immediately shared with and is in the safe custody of the official investigators. Preliminary reports and statements from both the Police and Labor authorities have confirmed Teleperformance is fully supporting their investigations.

Further, in the spirit of ensuring transparency and neutrality, the Teleperformance Group is commissioning an independent review by a reputable international organization to comprehensively examine human resources practices in Teleperformance Egypt.

We join our TP Egypt staff in their grief over losing a teammate and friend and we  are taking extra steps to provide professional counseling to support them.

We kindly request everyone please respects the grieving family’s wishes for privacy at this time. May our colleague and his family find solace and peace in our prayers. 


Yannis Tourcomanis

President, Continental Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA) Region