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Teleperformance has built a unique set of strategic hubs in Europe that allows your organization to offer the best possible service to your customers in centralized locations based on their needs and profiles.  

  • Fully integrated Hub network of multilingual sites enabling consolidation of multiple support operations.

  • Highly trained and motivated multicultural and multilingual people.

  • Centralized account management and reporting.

  • Best in class certified quality and operational processes.

  • Unified and flexible multi-skilled workforce management.

  • Single point of entry for voice and data networks.

  • World class facilities.

  • Centralized support to optimize costs and performance.

All our people are native speakers and breathe the culture of the countries served, so every customer will always feel at home. Their expertise across a variety of industries equips them to handle each request with excellence. They speak the right language to deliver the right solutions. 


Learn more about Teleperformance's Multilingual Euro-Hubs:


Teleperformance Greece

Athens hosts one of the first Multilingual Euro Hubs with the initial campaign implemented in 2004 for a leading global enterprise in the technology sector. From inception, this Hub has shown exponential growth and success and it currently serves its clients from 3 centrally located sites. The Hub’s latest development named ‘ENA Site’, is a brand new complex of 6 buildings with 3 buildings already operational and 3 under construction. Upon completion ENA site shall have a capacity of more than 3,000 agent workstations.

Teleperformance in Greece stands out for its proven ability to recruit and relocate, train and retain highly skilled, top performing staff with native fluency to support its multilingual programs. Strong recruitment capabilities enable clients, across several sectors, to be served in 35 languages and dialects. To attract such a diverse range of nationalities to Greece, a high caliber team of experts offers a solid welcome package for international staff, the “Mediterranean Experience Program” with premium benefits to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction across all campaigns.

Teleperformance in Greece has received the most important certifications in the market related to quality and security, as well as several awards at both the local and global level including Europe’s ‘Best Multilingual Contact Center’ at the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards, Greece’s ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2017 and in 2013, ‘Human Resources Excellence Award’ for its Recruitment, Onboarding and Multiculturalism practices in 2017, 2016 and 2015; the Gold Medal in the ‘Green Contact Center’ award category and the Silver Medal in the ‘Best Contact Center Design’ award category at the 2015 EMEA Top Ranking Performers conference; as well as the Verego SRS Certification for being a Company that cares and acts.


Teleperformance Portugal

Teleperformance Portugal’s Multilingual Euro Hub operation was set up in Infante Santo, in 2005. Success with the first Hub resulted in the expansion into two additional brand new, modern sites launched in 2012 and 2013, in Lisbon’s most vibrant business area.

Portugal is an attractive country that hosts residents and visitors from all over Europe and the world. Teleperformance Portugal’s multilingual-enabled staff are fluent, or have near-native fluency, in 28 languages and are fully trained to serve customers from all corners of the globe. The Atlantic Experience Program is designed to provide strong support to staff from all nations; it also offers a full set of benefits to attract and retain the highest caliber profiles to all multilingual campaigns. The emphasis on local culture immersion and integration among all nationalities, combined with a great work environment, are just some of the key elements for the success of this Hub.

Teleperformance Portugal has a solid infrastructure backed-up by the most important certifications related to quality and security. Moreover, it received over 50 awards on both the local and international level, including Aon Hewitt, and Great Place to Work in several consecutive years.


Teleperformance Benelux

The Multilingual Euro Hub site in Benelux is located in the vibrant city of Maastricht, in The Netherlands. The first multilingual program started in 2004, and the success of these operations currently positions this Hub as a strategic partner for major clients in more than 20 markets with over 10 languages supported.

Teleperformance in Maastricht benefits from a vast, young population due to the presence of large universities, turning the city into a natural melting pot. In order to attract and retain these multicultural talents, the company offers a premier work environment, recognized internally as offering top quality premises for clients. Strong training programs and motivational campaigns are only a small part of our staff’s everyday lives.

Teleperformance in The Netherlands has recently won a well-known global award for its operational excellence, and delivers premium services to its clients according to the industry’s most important certifications in security and quality, as well as internal certifications that ensure a seamless experience, regardless of the clients’ sector, line of business or markets served.


Teleperformance Egypt

Teleperformance Egypt’s inaugural multilingual program started in 2008 in the country’s capital, Cairo. It was the first multinational player in this field in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA). Due to its location, this Hub is key to ensuring that Teleperformance addresses these important emerging markets, currently serving more than 80 countries, in MEA and the rest of the world.

The company attracts a highly talented pool of professionals with native and near-native fluency in 13 languages, to whom it offers the Nile Experience Program, with solid benefits and cultural immersion. It also has additional capacity to support 15 languages from all corners of the globe. Its range of clients comprise some of the most renowned multinational enterprises across different sectors, with loyal partnerships that have successfully evolved through the years.

Teleperformance Egypt has a team of experts and leaders of the industry in the Egyptian market aligned with the industry’s most important security and quality assurance certifications. Moreover, it offers strong business continuity and disaster recovery infrastructure alongside its highly committed staff, ensuring that all campaigns remain operational and meet outstanding service levels, regardless of the external environment.