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You can count on Teleperformance to deliver outstanding customer experiences to your customers at every single opportunity.

It costs much more to try to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. That's why building long-lasting customer relationships is a priority for successful companies. However, customer care investments join many other items included in an organization´s budgets. The dilemma becomes how to ensure high-quality customer care while covering the rest of the operating, marketing and planning expenses, and still come out with a consistently healthy bottom line.

Our trade, at Teleperformance, is to be an extension of your business, an ambassador to your customers. We provide best-in-class customer care service for the most efficient and effective fit.

Teleperformance provides:

• New Product/Service Sales/Subscriptions (with cross-sell/up-sell options);

• Billing Explanations or Payment Applications;

• Technical Assistance;

• Problem Solving/Complaint Handling;

• Pro-Active Outreach at Key Milestones in the Customer Relationship (e.g., welcome calls, satisfaction checkups, contract anniversary, and so on); 

• And more…

We are a people company working for people: people interacting with people, helping them solve problems, making their lives easier. That’s the essence of our daily work.

Our knowledgeable, friendly and professional agents are conscious that their responsibility does not end with solving the caller's issue. It also includes making a positive impression. Teleperformance brings the most expertise, experience and passion to the all-important job of putting your customers first and making sure they are not only satisfied, but also brand advocates.