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Teleperformance, the global expert in contact center management, offers clients HomeBase, an industry-leading Work-At-Home-Agent (WAHA) platform.

Teleperformance provides a high quality, cost-effective solution.

Many businesses have a difficult time balancing the need to be economical with the need for high quality agents and systems. With HomeBase, Teleperformance clients benefit from highly skilled agents, greater operational flexibility, lower employee dissatisfaction and attrition, and lower operational costs, all with the same cost-effective contact management, best-in-class technology and award-winning security practices of our traditional contact center models.

Why use Teleperformance HomeBase?

• Top-notch Agent Quality, Performance, and Tenure;
• Optimal Data and Personnel Management Processes;
• Improved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Flexibility;
• High Customer and Employee Satisfaction;
• Unparalleled Security;
• Advanced Technology;
• Integrated Service Delivery;
• Best-in-Class Networks and Systems;
• Choice Selection from a Broader Labor Market;
• Affordability;
• Scalability.

How the home-based model produces high quality employees

The home delivery platform provides access to a vast pool of agent applicants without compromising security or oversight. This enables us to be highly selective when seeking employees with specific qualifications or industry experience. The average age, education, and experience of our home agents consistently exceed the industry averages for contact center employees. The end result is a workforce that achieves high KPIs and business results.

No matter where you do business and what associated problems you face, HomeBase is there for you

The adaptable system can match demand cycles or business changes, ensure business continuity during unpredictable situations and can be combined with domestic centers and offshore/nearshore options for the customized answer to your business challenges. A recognized industry leader, Teleperformance puts years of expertise, proven practices, and progressive technology to work to deliver our clients an efficient, secure and reliable work-at-home environment -- and ultimately, unsurpassed customer service. Let us show you how Teleperformance HomeBase will work for you!