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Back-office Chargeback


Back-office Chargeback

For different reasons, customers will issue a chargeback through notifying their credit card company about a purchase not recognized/accepted.

• The card issuer will get in touch with the acquirer, who will contact the merchant to advise about the chargeback being issued.

• The merchant will have the chance to accept the chargeback and reimburse the customer, or to challenge the request. If the merchant chooses to challenge the request, it will need to put together all the available documentation to prove there was no problem with the purchase.

• Afterwards, the card issuer will analyze all the documentation provided by the merchants and determine who wins or loses in the process. If the merchant wins, the charge is kept on the customer’s card billing; if the customer wins, the transaction will be cancelled and the customer will receive a refund for the disputed amount.

Based on customer experience improvement strategy, Teleperformance has developed a specialized back-office product to support the dispute process. Back-office Chargeback is designed to focus on process efficiency and integration, high-end technology and a strong people strategy.


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To have an efficient Back-office Chargeback operation, technology should be applied to support the entire process. The workflow system plays a very important role in managing transactions, handling customer interaction history, and providing better control, information quality and productivity.

RESULTS: High-quality of information will drive speed and assertiveness indexes up.



• Unique Selection Process - The right profile minimizes attrition and empowers productivity.

 • Specialized Training Program – A structured training program that increases efficiency during implementation and ongoing operations.

 • People Development - A career path and incentive plan based on agents' results.


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