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Accounts Receivables Management

Teleperformance’s expertise is to build relationships with your customers, even in delicate situations, such as payment collection.

As the global leader in the Accounts Receivable Management industry we work for major companies in different segments. Our Account Receivables Management team quickly contacts customers in debit situations, identifies the cause of non-payment and implements a contingency payment plan consistent with your customer care and service strategies.

We perform welcome calls, non-voice BPO services, first-party collections, third-party collections, and primary and secondary recovery services. Teleperformance's Accounts Receivables Management team specializes in managing, analyzing and acting on customer data to recognize and minimize risks, efficiently collect payments and develop stronger customer relationships.

Teleperformance Accounts Receivables Management offers services to companies in sectors such as:

• Financial Services-with major portfolios in auto, banking, financial, retail and credit card;
• Telecommunication Services-for wireless, wireline, bundled billing, Internet ISP and credit activation;
• Education and Government Services-with extensive court, government and education debt collection experience; highly trained, multilingual employees and with continual Quality Assurance and Compliance;
• Utility Industry Services-from new customer sign up to service requests to collections;
• Healthcare Services-with broad-spectrum revenue cycle management and support services;

Teleperformance leverages market-specific expertise.

Vertical market-specific data and approaches allow concentrated focus on each market and line of business, with operations supported by a dedicated decision analytics team. Teleperformance provides industry-leading contact center technology and access to expanded global operations.

Teleperformance takes care of your customers and their payment obligations while taking care of your business.