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It´s a matter of trust

Safeguard online spaces and brand reputation

Protect the brand reputation your company has worked so hard to build. In a world where trust is the new brand currency, forward-thinking companies recognize the need to provide a safe environment for customers to interact and transact through a comprehensive trust and safety strategy.

Protect your brand from the impact of harmful content including sexual content, hate speech, violence, Illegal activities, impersonation, child exploitation, violent extremism

Safeguard against misleading and inappropriate content, links to malware sites, inappropriate ads, political content, misrepresented advertisements, and copyright infringements.

Identify fake accounts, prevent unauthorized access or illegal activities, and remove accounts that don’t align with usage policies.

Screen for fake reviews, fraudulent transactions, unauthorized logo usage, illegal products, and fraudulent fund requests.

Ensure that your apps meet Google and Apple policies while protecting your users with script-level reviews.

Screen for re-uploads of an original video, unauthorized logo usage, movies uploaded to a video platform, and unauthorized usage of a copyright protected image

Protect your brand’s global brand reputation across the digital ecosystem by moderating malicious content, abusive language, harmful images, and false claims.

Address data quality and scaling challenges through AI-powered data labeling, categorizing, and annotation that uses machine learning to drive constant improvement

What the experts are saying

Everest Group recognizes Teleperformance as a Trust & Safety Leader

For the second consecutive year, Everest Group´s 2022 PEAK Matrix for Trust and Safety has recognized Teleperformance as a leader

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Global Presence, Local Relevance

We have the presence and scale to support your needs, wherever you are. We combine our global know how with local knowledge to provide a superior service, at scale.


Expert insights

What Online Threats Parents (and Brands) Worry About Most

The internet has simplified how we communicate, buy, research, and access entertainment with just the click of a button. Read the white paper from industry expert, Peter Ryan, to understand what’s at stake, and how both parents and brands can make online spaces safer for our most vulnerable users.

Real results

Increased efficiency and improved reputation on social media

After integrating channels, one Teleperformance client was able to streamline processes and strengthen their online reputation.


decrease in negative mentions


increase in brand reputation


increase in positive brand sentiment

Protecting the protectors

Mental health and wellbeing for moderators

Prioritize moderator health and wellbeing while they patrol and protect your online platforms. Dedicated wellness research teams constantly monitor frontline teams to identify issues and align wellness and resiliancy programs to moderators’ needs.

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