Inaugural award

Enlightened growth leadership

To honor organizations that demonstrate a deep commitment to moving the world forward through their solutions and customer focus, Frost & Sullivan Institute's first-ever Enlightened Growth Leadership Award recognizes companies who have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles rooted deeply within their organizational cultures.

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Empowering communities

Citizen of the world

COTW is our global, charitable initiative introduced in 2006 to help the world's most vulnerable communities and at-risk populations.

Preserving the planet

Citizen of the planet

COTP is a global initiative that ensures Teleperformance operates in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. The program also encourages sustainable practices among its employees and suppliers to reduce the global carbon footprint.

An employment gateway

Impact sourcing initiatives around the world

Through targeted recruiting programs, Teleperformance is actively offering life-changing employment opportunities for those from at-risk groups like refugees, those with disabilities, those lacking formal education, or those living below the poverty line.

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Be part of something bigger than just a job

We attract and retain the best people in the industry because we believe in providing an inclusive, supportive, and inspiring work environment for our teams around the world.