The partnership between Teleperformance and Mastercard (MA) aims to provide access to world-class customer experience and digital transformation tools targeted to the consumer, business owner and ultimately anyone who is in need for customer service in any channel where you want to engage.

The specific focus of our initial partnership begins with financial services companies, merchants, and digital players in Latin America. The expansion of this can lead to anywhere MA and TP want to go together. The combined footprint of MA and TP combined covers the entire globe.

  • Issuers

  • Established Fintechs

  • Digital Players

  • Merchants

  • Big box retailers

  • Telcos

Through this partnership, both MA and TP have agreed to provide the best service to their mutual clients, prospects and partners. MA partners have access to special commercial conditions for one-office support & TAP consultancy services from a leading provider of digitally integrated business services as part of their core benefits from being part of Mastercard’s ecosystem.

  • MA incorporates TP’s offers into their core value proposition for existing and target clients;

  • MA bridges relationship between TP and Partner;

  • TP assesses opportunity size and scope: Depending on size of opportunity we will determine

    the right commercial agreement and engagement model.

  • All companies get access to tailored TAP services and to TP best-in-class solutions.

Mastercard will provide Teleperformance access to its network of partners and prospects in the LATAM region. By signing this partnership, MA can provide a robust differentiated offer to their partners, adding benefits to companies which are rapidly growing and expanding their businesses into multiple countries across LATAM.

For TP, this is what the new TP is all about: Being the partner of choice and growth in digital integrated services through the customer ecosystem.

TP provides end-to-end service delivery including solution design, business optimization and transformation strategies, automation, managed services, customer support and journey management, integration of back-office functions and tech support.

  • E2E Digital transformation: immediate servicing for crisis management, cross border mobility; case follow-ups and callbacks, complaint and claims handling, onboarding of new customers, account servicing and retention.

  • Process Automation: Frictionless interactions through digital channels, urgent case management, infoline service for app use, Digital experience for transactional issues and case registration, authentication and PIN reset

  • Backoffice: End-to-end backoffice, AML/financial crime/Know Your Customer/identity management, profile analysis for lending, contract preparation and review

  • Regulatory & Compliance services: Payments compliance, regulatory reporting, change management

And we are just getting started. We also look to be the innovation arm with MA to solution for our mutual partner/ client / prospect.

TP provides flexibility for financial services companies, merchants and digital players to contract according to their needs. It also provides the ability to leverage global best practices and scaling operations rapidly according to market needs all combined with world-class delivery and transformation services. We are the experience engine behind 2/3 of the most valuable brands in the world.

Integrated Business Services as a key differentiator

  • Regardless of company size, TP has a solution.
  • For companies below 50 FTEs, TP offers quarterly group design thinking sessions to address common market challenges.
  • For companies above 50 FTEs, TP offers a full assessment program for design thinking, prototyping and testing new products.
  • All companies are invited to participate on an exclusive annual insights session on digitally integrated business trends and consumer insights hosted by TP and MA.

Companies participating on this program benefit from:

  • Access to modular services (TP’s Service in the Box) – Digitally Integrated Business Services
  • Access to TAP services according to their category


  • Expected savings in outsourcing costs ranging from 19 to 24% in a shared services-model (compared to standalone proposals for less than 50 FTEs)

  • World-class delivery and best practices from several industries

  • Automated and frictionless digital experience

  • A combined solution for payments and service which is essential for their business and a key differentiator in the marketplace

  • Innovation: Bringing innovative solutioning for all facets of the payments customer experience ecosystem as a reliable partner.

Benefits to MA

  • Differentiator: Robust offer to win over competition when partnering with financial institutions, digital players and merchants.

  • Becoming the strategic partner for early-stage & growth companies in the BFSI and technology spaces.

  • Bringing consumer-led solutions at the forefront, holistically

  • Ability for both companies to combine complementary services and solutions to solve for the

    largest brands in the world and the ones aspiring to be

  • Brand affinity with TP – one of the largest employers in the world


Benefits to TP

  • Access to MA’s partner ecosystem with over 2000 companies*

  • Proximity to market disruptors in the Latin America region, bringing innovation to the center of

    our operation

  • Diversified, agile and innovative business models and service offering

  • Increased share of wallet among digital players and financial services companies, enabling TP to

    be the go-to partner when businesses are scaling at a fast pace

  • Brand affinity with Mastercard – one of the largest brands in the world

    * Information on MA’s number of clients and partners is for INTERNAL USE ONLY

While this initiative is kicking off in LATAM, the goal is to expand this partnership to a global engagement and support other regions. Together that is truly priceless and with the consumer front and center.

Latin America is the fastest growing region for financial services companies, as well as merchants and digital players. Mastercard is the leading payments network with the largest acceptance footprint in the region.

With this partnership, we are creating a sandbox environment in LATAM that allows us to expand our offerings, and together grow and support across the ecosystem for both Payments (MA) and the consumer/customer/ merchant experience (TP).

While MA opens the doors to their partner ecosystem, TP will assess opportunities in the region and define sizing, scope and pricing. Contracting will happen directly between TP and the partner. All participating companies receive TAP incentives based on their category. For all companies with less than 50 FTEs, TP will define a mutually agreed upon delivery hub for shared services initially México, Brazil or Colombia (TP has flexibility to choose based on market needs) to leverage economies of scale and generate cost-effective solutions.

  • PR approval and target date for release on 3/23 – done. 2 pronged approach. LATAM first in Spanish and Portuguese. Global next in next 1-2 weeks.

  • MA to share list of prospects and collectively, we define priority accounts

  • TP to train MA local teams on services provided + share sales toolkit, including sales pitch, in

    depth materials and POC for engagements

  • Kick-off Launch with LATAM team. Brazil and Mexico to start. MAR and Rest of NSR as fast followers.

  • Recurrent follow-up on sales opportunities