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Named, again, a top, global

With a workforce of more than 410K spanning all regions around the world, we have an obligation to ensure ethical hiring practices, employee empowerment, and an inclusive culture. We’re only successful when our people are. That’s why more than 183K Teleperformance employees participated in the Great place to Work® Institute’s culture assessment that led, for the second year in a roll, to our ranking as a 25 World’s Best Workplace for 2022.

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Be part of something bigger than just a job

As one of the World's Best Workplaces, we attract and retain the best people in the industry because we believe in providing an inclusive, supportive, and inspiring work environment for our teams around the world.

Optimizing business results

Advanced services designed for the digital era

Trusted by the world’s best brands, Teleperformance is the global leader in delivering global business services that eliminate functional silos, provide exceptional digital experiences, and optimize operational efficiencies. We help companies achieve extraordinary results through the right balance of high-tech solutions and human empathy.

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People-powered transformation

We believe in the profound

At Teleperformance, we believe in cultivating the next generation of innovators and thought leaders. Beyond leading the technology curve, we also believe in leading the talent curve. That’s why our people are empowered to make a difference regardless of role, level, or nationality. True, profound business transformation comes from creating a culture of curiosity.

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World's Best Workplaces

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Staying ahead means never standing still. The best brands are always innovating, improving, refining, and optimizing. See how these global leaders have elevated business results by partnering with Teleperformance.

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