Deploy secure and proven work at home solutions

Leverage work at home solutions that truly work. Carefully designed from the ground up before Covid, Cloud Campus is not a patchwork continuity solution like what our competitors offer. All aspects of our innovative delivery model were painstakingly crafted to optimize the remote environment, from comprehensive security measures to virtual recruiting and automated processes – all connected by centralized, state-of-the-art Cloud Campus Hubs.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus

Establish your own business services center in the cloud

Make the move to a more modern customer care model through our work-at-home solutions tailored for your business. We’ve managed as many as 250,000 remote employees at a time, with 50% of our global workforce still working remotely today. Let’s embrace the future of work, together.

The advantages are clear

Including Teleperformance Cloud Campus in your service delivery mix offers significant business, recruiting, and environmental benefits.

Globally diverse talent pool

Operational agility and resilience

Attract and retain top talent

Improve business performance

Be environmentally responsible

Engaged employees are effective employees

Elevate employee engagement through vídeo-enabled communications, virtual activities, dedicated chat rooms, digital floor walkers, and a state-of-the-art training platform.

Cloud-savvy companies are seeing real results

See how these Teleperformance clients are streamlining service delivery and elevating their customer support capabilities

Embrace the future of work

As remote work becomes a part of the new normal, what lies ahead, and how can companies differentiate in attracting and retaining talent in a very competitive job market? In a LinkedIn Live hosted by Mamta Rodrigues, Teleperformance’s Global President of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, we continue to explore the current state – and the future of – remote work, and explore its best practices with our very own Fabio Luis, Head of Work-at-Home Solutions and Professor Frances J. Milliken, Arthur E. Imperatore Professorship in Entrepreneurial Studies – Stern School of business, New York University.

Leading the work-from-anywhere movement

Teleperformance Cloud Campus' work at home solutions have been recognized by the industry for innovation, security, and talent management.

Everest Group Work at Home Agente (WAHA) Customer Experience Managemente 2021

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Safeguard customer data

Ensure data privacy and security with TP Protect

By combining AI with a comprehensive security ecosystem and proprietary tools, we preserve network integrity and shield sensitive data from fraudulent activity. With TP Protect, supervisors and security teams receive immediate alerts when unauthorized behaviors are detected by the system.

Centralized Cloud Campus hubs

With centralized Cloud Campus Hubs, Teleperformance creates a unique environment for accelerating and optimizing operational performance. Cloud Campus Hubs also provide a centralized location for clients to engage with their dedicated teams, wherever they may be. Our Hubs use the most advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality, security, and operational excellence, meeting or exceeding those of a brick-and-mortar model.

Real business benefits

Customize the right solution for your business

Eliminate geographic barriers while increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-market. Our flexible Cloudshoring model can be customized to meet a client’s local, regional, or global operational needs.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus

Discover the power of remote work and unlock opportunities no matter where you live

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The future of work is here.

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