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Together, let’s #Preventthescam!

In the world of cybersecurity, threats and scams are abundant. Many come in the form of a phishing attack, a cybercrime that relies on manipulation and deceit to lure victims into revealing personal details and other sensitive information. Phishing is initiated through various ways, with SMS, email, and voice mail being the top platforms.

Understand the types of phishing to avoid the scammers’ baits

Don’t be a victim

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month approaches, arm yourself with the right knowledge that can help you uphold cybersecurity to #PreventTheScam and protect yourself.

When phishing, scammers impersonate or mimic real organizations and send thousands of requests disguised as common correspondences employees receive every day.

Since most employees are subjected to these daily, it presents different levels of risks depending on their area of work. This type of attack usually targets everyone, regardless of seniority.

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Stay protected

Let’s #Preventthescam together

You are the first line of defense in enforcing cybersecurity! Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself and Teleperformance:

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