Are you tired of traditional recruiting methods that fail to deliver the results you need at the speed you need them?

Look no further than PSG Global Solutions!

We offer offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.

Supercharge your in-house team with recruiting agility today and help you manage the talent acquisition challenges of tomorrow.

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Call center and Contact center RPO solutions

We deliver both scale and quality, ensuring your new hire classes are filled with qualified candidates.

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Integrated technology-and-people solution

Delivers qualified, interested, and available candidates to your hiring managers or recruiting team.

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Hiring process activities

PSG performs hiring process activities that fall outside of the core recruiting process, allowing your recruiters to invest their time and energy where it counts.

What sets PSG apart is our delivery model:

Our engagements typically start at a smaller scale, allowing us to verify results and ROI before we scale up.

Our macro-efficient workflows are anchored by benchmarking data and continuous monitoring.

We also have a dedicated global workforce seamlessly collaborating with our U.S.-based account management and Philippines-based front-line teams.

We harness the power of our cutting-edge tech stack, combining PSG's AI-driven Compass operating platform with top third-party tools and systems.

Our success speaks for itself

If you're ready to supercharge your in-house team and take your recruiting operation to the next level, contact PSG Global Solutions today. We are excited to partner with you and deliver consistent results that will exceed your expectations.

Healthcare is our largest vertical

With 45 percent of our resources focused on healthcare accounts. Each year, we help recruit or onboard more than 250,000 healthcare workers by leveraging our proprietary recruiting and onboarding technology. With our cutting-edge tech stack and next-gen processes, we deliver the best talent acquisition results possible. Our modular approach means you get the recruiting tech solution that meets your company's specific needs.

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Meet the expert

Supercharge your in-house team!



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