Amplifying our employees’ voices to spread diversity and inclusion

Teleperformance’s latest documentary, “Inspiration for a Better Tomorrow,” features three Teleperformance employees with three unique stories, allowing viewers to take a closer look at their triumphs, challenges, and hope for what lies ahead.



Our longstanding commitment

As an equal opportunity employer, Teleperformance reinforces our commitment to spread diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across our workplaces. Together, we combat discrimination, intolerance, and inequality, and work together to achieve a fairer and better world for all.

Frankyn CSR


All for love

Celebrating Pride and gender identity

Teleperformance creates workplaces that respect all sexual orientations and gender identities through equal rights, equal benefits, and equal opportunities.

Opening opportunities to transform lives

Strong impact sourcing initiatives

Being a major employer in most countries where we operate, we are honored and humbled to improve people’s lives and communities through inclusive employment and impact sourcing.


Building great workspaces

Great Place to Work-certified in 72 countries

As the heart of our organization, our employees are our utmost priority. Their trust in us will always be priceless – it serves as our inspiration to go the extra mile each year in creating a healthy work environment that is welcoming and safe, where our employees can be their true, authentic selves.