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Intelligent Debt Collection for Today’s Digital World

As the world reopens and with pandemic-era support scaling back, many borrowers are forced to face up to increasing debt burdens. For lenders to enforce claims cost-effectively and ensure uninterrupted collections, companies should now focus on delivering more holistic customer support and intelligent debt resolution. Learn how from our latest white paper.

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A Collections-focused solution set that includes the propensity-to-pay recommendation engines, communications hub for messaging using digital channels such as email, SMS, interactive voicebot and payment portal. This platform executes an efficient and effective collections strategy resulting to faster and increased collections while minimizing cost to collect.

TP Cube is a collections-specific workflow and dialer platform that can incorporate collections strategies and predictive dialing models.

TP Interact provides compliance monitoring with specific regulatory solutions for FDCPA and TCPA adherence while also supporting collector effectiveness and quality assurance.

Payment Gateway accepts online payments via a web-based portal for customers where they can view history of all payments made on the customer portal. It also allows the customer to request a receipt via email. The portal is also mobile friendly, and the customer can scan the QR code on the letters to access the portal.

Intelligent solutions in action

Predictive analytics increased conversions for a financial services company

The client identified a need for more intelligent source data to better gauge channel efficiency and identify the right set of accounts to be referred to third-party collections. So, our collections services featuring a predictive model was implemented, and it significantly impacted their results. Collections increased by 6%, customer contacts increased by 1.3%, and the cost-per-collection was reduced by nearly 3%.

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Banner 1920X931 Global Compact 0003 Overdue Balance Collections Conversion (ODBC) For An Indian Multinational Banking An

Overdue balance collections (ODBC) for a multinational banking and financial services company

For three consecutive months, the company’s ODBC rate remained at 12%, leaving room for improvement. So, CRM access was provided, and a dedicated ODBC team was established and an incentive system was introduced to boost agent performance. As a result, ODBC collections increased from 12% to nearly 19%.

AI-powered propensity-to-pay solution for retail brand

A US-based retail brand wanted to improve liquidation and collections rates for their bank-issued credit card. So, they used AI and machine learning to determine a customer’s payment propensity based on the age of their debt. As a result, the liquidation rate increased by 13% and collections increased by 30%.

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