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Learn how to integrate GenAI into your customer journey and unlock the full potential of timely, consistent, and personalized customer responses within high demand and reduced operational budget.

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Integrate GenAI into the workplace with all necessary data protection requirements to deliver a safe conversational experience.

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What is actually GenAI, a technology everyone is talking about?

”Generative Pre-training Transformer” (GPT) is an AI-powered large language model (LLM) trained with 45 TB of data and using 175 billion parameters or coefficients to produce personalized and interactive conversation with human-like responses, tone of voice, and interaction. Generative AI can generate new content based on existing data, for example, generating text, images or music.

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Danny Kuivenhoven

Danny Kuivenhoven

Head of Digital Transformation at Teleperformance in EMEA

Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta

Chief Transformation Officer at Teleperformance in EMEA

Paul Joustra

Paul Joustra

SVP Transformation & Global Head of Innovation at Teleperformance

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