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Leveraging Advanced AI Capabilities: Meet TP’s Multilingual Hub in Romania

As a bridge between the East and the West, Romania’s rich cultural diversity and growing economy have attracted many businesses seeking to build global, diverse, and efficient teams.

Romania’s economy ranks 36th in the world by GDP, with a GDP of 731 billion USD and a growth rate of 4.3% in 2022. Since becoming an EU member in 2007, Romania’s foothold in the region is slowly expanding. It also helps that the country’s time zone allows real-time communication with all EU countries and clients from the United States.

As a multilingual hub location, Romania boasts top talent: 99% of high school students study two or more foreign languages, with over 19 languages available. Main languages include English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with significant interest in all European and Middle Eastern languages. 

In Romania, Teleperformance has over 3,500 employees proficient in more than 27 languages, offering back-office services, content moderation, and support via various channels. We serve 28 clients across hubs in four key cities – Bucharest, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, and Sibiu.

Teleperformance has strategically elevated its service offerings by integrating AI into our multilingual hubs. This innovative approach not only streamlines operational efficiency but significantly enhances customer experience through personalized interactions. By leveraging AI technologies, our multilingual hub in Romania can now provide accurate, context-aware services in multiple languages, ensuring that communication barriers do not impede the quality of customer service.

Clients have partnered with Teleperformance in Romania to achieve business results. For a global precision technologies group, we implemented the following:

  • Tenured and robust recruitment process to elevate sales talent by applying a fine profile selection tailored for sales
  • Training improvement with constant excellence delivery for each wave based on the implementation of solutions and processes
  • Clear understanding of different set-ups and culture of a sales business requirements vs standard CSR approach
  • Scalable wellness and Resilience program to ensure a safe and engaging sales environment

Our expertise in Trust and Safety has helped clients maintain and improve
brand reputation while reducing costs. For our client requiring services in 17 languages, Teleperformance in Romania redefined new hire nesting processes to reduce speed to tenure from 6 weeks to 3 weeks; mapped and documented all processes into one, internal book to ensure fast access to information; implemented real-time feedback to improve moderator accuracy; and deployed screening of pipeline candidates to reduce training attrition, thereby reducing replacement costs.

By striving for excellence, our multilingual hub in Romania has maintained Teleperformance’s reputation as a premier digital business services provider. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve success!

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