Reducing Risks: TP’s Work-at-Home Solutions
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Reducing Risks: TP’s Work-at-Home Solutions

Teleperformance - 03.09.2020

The present is, indeed—a challenging time. The illness known as Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19, formerly known as nCoV2019) has increased concerns among companies about the health and safety of their employees, and the impact on business operations and processes. Many companies in different sectors are taking action—at Teleperformance, we have implemented safety measures and health checks for all of our China sites including temperature checks for everyone entering our facilities, regularly sanitizing common areas and work stations, and encouraging additional precautions around personal hygiene. As COVID-19 develops, the newly formed Teleperformance Epidemic Prevention Team continues to focus on adding and refining employee safety measures.

Along with ensuring the safety of our employees, continuing to deliver topnotch services for our clients is also a top priority. Work-at-Home solutions are the safest way to keep employees out of harm’s way and avoid service interruptions when the unexpected occurs. Terry Rybolt, Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home Global Deployment Managing Director, expressed the importance of delivering a robust work-at-home model in a previous blog.

“Giving people the chance to work from home is no longer something that should be considered, it needs to be implemented,” Rybolt noted in his “Got a Minute” video.

True enough, his statement is highly relevant – especially during the current global health crisis.

The many benefits of Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home solutions are unparalleled in today’s times. For clients, it offers significant operational flexibility, as well as increased employee motivation. In addition, our Work-at-Home solutions positively impact the physical safety of our interaction experts: simply working from home reduces the risks of contracting any illness – not just COVID-19. Our work-at-home employees enjoy greater scheduling flexibility, allowing them to achieve a healthier work-life balance and encouraging higher employee satisfaction and productivity – while also expanding the talent pool for our clients.

Teleperformance’s WAHA model operates in a highly secure working environment, and our solutions guarantee the same level of consistency and quality to our clients. Teleperformance implements world-class recruitment technology that tailors our WAHA teams to match each clients’ needs and preferences. Our home-based agents also receive training through self-learning modules available in virtual classrooms. To ensure data security, our work-at-home solutions use highly secure access controls, encrypted data communication, two-factor authentication, and device lockdown software that prevents data transfers. At the heart of it all is Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards (TOPS)—our proven, daily performance management process—allowing our work-at-home teams to achieve accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Teleperformance remains committed to ensuring that our employees and our clients always feel safe and secure. In a time of a global crisis, Teleperformance believes business continuity is still possible. Let Teleperformance’s Work-at-Home solutions help you prepare for the unexpected. Read our infographic below to learn more about the Work-at-Home advantage here at Teleperformance.

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