The Nearshore Advantage in the Ibero-LATAM Region
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The Nearshore Advantage in the Ibero-LATAM Region

Teleperformance - 06.18.2020

Teleperformance continues to be uniquely positioned to provide various options for its clients and their customers to further elevate the customer experience.

With the shift gearing for better work-at-home models deployed in many companies and businesses globally, Teleperformance places confidence on the nearshoring advantage. Nearshore Americas recently discussed the future state of nearshore locations with Juan Carlos Hincapie, CEO and President of Teleperformance’s Ibero-LATAM.

While the region’s nearshoring capabilities continue to flourish, Hincapie saw the the importance of evolving and growing as the COVID-19 pandemic struck and halted businesses worldwide. The massive push for successful work-at-home models deployed in various Teleperformance sites globally created a positive momentum. “We are in the nearshore business, living in a positive moment,” Hincapie said in the interview with Nearshore Americas. “We are in rocket mode, not only transforming but evolving and growing--there is a beautiful opportunity for our nearshore business to duplicate, or triplicate.”

Nearshoring Advantage
Teleperformance’s Ibero-LATAM nearshore solutions can produce many benefits. Geographic proximity, for one, means travel and communications are more accessible and easier while being less expensive. There is a seamless integration with local culture and management, and services will be provided using best-in-class capabilities in a highly secure environment.

Teleperformance data, according to Nearshore Americas, shows that its Ibero-LATAM region have the company’s highest penetration of remote workers with 80% of the employee bases, compared to an average of 66% worldwide since the pandemic took hold. To date, 80% of Teleperformance’s active employees are working from home as Teleperformance continues to take rapid action to further strengthen its work-at-home capabilities globally.

Read Nearshore America’s full interview with Juan Carlos Hincapie by clicking here.

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