Content Moderator (Khmer)
Image Icon Malaysia · Penang
Category Operations
Full time

Content Moderators are responsible for moderating user-generated content on our clients platform by reviewing strong graphic images, videos, and/or written content to ensure the content meets the community guidelines and to escalate any content that violates the parameters set. This role is key in providing a positive social experience for all users.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Assist our community and help resolve inquiries empathetically, accurately and on time
  • Become and remain knowledgeable about social media products and community standards
  • Make well-balanced decisions and personally driven to be an effective advocate for our community
  • Strong interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills and most importantly empathy
  • Display a strong bias to doing what’s right for our community in supporting social media’s mission
  • Investigate and resolve issues that are reported on social media such as requests for account support and reports of potentially abusive content
  • Respond to user inquiries with high quality, speed, empathy and accuracy
  • Use market specific knowledge, signals and insights to spot and scope scalable solutions to improve the support of our community of users
  • Gather, analyse and utilize relevant data to develop ways to improve the overall user experience on the site
  • Enforce social media Terms of Use by carefully monitoring reports of abuse on the site
  • Review the reported content within agreed turnaround times and standards of quality
  • Identify inefficiencies in workflows and suggest solutions
  • Recognize trends and patterns, and escalate issues outside the company policy to the global team


  • Language requirements
    • Agreed upon minimum English language test score based on mutually agreed upon external English language test or acceptable approved equivalent
    • Agreed upon minimum language test score based on mutually agreed upon external English language test or acceptable approved equivalent for the language supported by each specific rep in addition to English
  • Reasoning/analytical capabilities
    • Minimum score to be achieved in SERVICE PROVIDER reasoning/analytical test – mutually to be agreed upon between both parties
  • Education
    • Bachelor’s Degree of further education/college desirable, to be mutually agreed upon between both parties
  • Experience
    • Minimum 1-year prior operations experience in a shared service, business process outsourcing  (BPO) environment or comparable service/process management environment
    • High affinity and cultural awareness of political/social situation regarding the relevant  market/region that will be supported by each ‘rep’ – which is critical to be aware of the cultural/regional differences for nuanced policy decisions to be applied in accordance with social media abuse standard policies and training material

Teleperformance Malaysia embraces diversity. Qualified applicants will be considered regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender or disability.