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A Whole New World of Fun in the Metaverse

Fabio Luis - 11.01.2023

With the recent launch of Teleperformance’s annual talent competition, For Fun Festival, in the metaverse, I am truly privileged to see how we are tapping into a whole new era of transformation while also having fun celebrating the talents of our employees. It marked the first time Teleperformance used an emerging technology through the metaverse to create a unique global experience. This—to me—shows how we are determined to move forward towards a future that requires adapting and evolving in order to reach goals, yet never forgetting to have some fun along the way.

While we are on the metaverse topic, we continue to see a tremendous rise surrounding its concepts. I am not surprised to see many tech organizations in a hurry, running a race to define their own metaverse business models because yes, the metaverse has the ability to transform digital ecosystems across various industries. And it is a driver of many transformation opportunities the future may bring, allowing organizations to look at business with a more cohesive, holistic, and efficient approach.

In a previous blog, we gave a quick look into the metaverse. Today, please allow me to take a moment, pause, and share more key points about a topic that continues to be close to us here at Teleperformance:

  1. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the metaverse is still in its development stages, therefore, it is important to know that a lot of the metaverse’s success depends on the ability of technology platforms to figure out how to make everything—and everyone—work.
  2. Having said the first point, it’s pivotal for organizations not to put all their eggs in one basket. In exploring how to operate using emerging technologies, organizations must be flexible and avoid focusing too much of their business plans on one metaverse feature.
  3. Adapt, and know that change is what’s permanent. Look at the evolution of social media giant Facebook, and just how it transformed itself to become what it is today.
  4. Evolve with the audience. As the metaverse becomes more accessible thanks to new technologies being developed every day, more and more people will eventually enter the digital-first landscape. This means the ability to shift strategies or marketing plans to meet changing customer expectations is a powerful tool to have in your metaverse arsenal.
  5. Finally, always be prepared and anticipate changing technology… there will be a lot of it. This advice may sound simple, but I know that being ready has saved a lot of organizations, and myself as well!

We are living in the age of transformation in a hyper-digital world. The launch of For Fun Festival in the metaverse is just a starting point for us at Teleperformance, as we continue to unearth the metaverse’s opportunities. I am excited and looking forward to experience it all.

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