A Spark of Hope
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A Spark of Hope

Teleperformance - 08.05.2021

COVID-19 impacted millions of lives worldwide. The World Health Organization stated that tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty, while the number of undernourished people—currently estimated at nearly 90 million—could increase by up to 132 million. It was clear that the pandemic’s threat and effects spanned across continents all over the world; however, India was one of the countries that was severely affected by the pandemic, resulting in a massive disruption on its economy and impacting impoverished communities in the country.

As the leading company in the industry and an employer of choice in India, we recognize that we play a greater role in taking care of our employees and the communities where we live. Human spirit and generosity are priceless at the time of need—this is where Teleperformance stands stronger with our people to offer help and hope to those who need it. With this, we remain committed to our Citizen of the World (COTW) initiatives and aspire to make a positive impact.

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In India, Teleperformance’s donation from the Global Crisis Fund to Feed the Children will support the country’s critical need for emergency food and medical relief. With our donation, Feed the Children—after entering an agreement with local partner HOPE worldwide—can provide food parcels for 2,500 families (approximately 10,000 individuals) in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. Families and individuals will receive a food parcel that can feed them for seven to 10 days. Food parcels will also be distributed to the Village of HOPE in Delhi for leprosy patients and their families. Village of HOPE currently houses 700 families.

HOPEww _Teleperformance _Feedthe Children _Food Distribution _Buji 22

Furthermore, the donation made by Teleperformance can go a long way as it also aims to support long-term recovery initiatives for communities in India through job training and support, awareness and education on COVID-19, and oxygen concentrator purchases.

Teleperformance’s partnership with Feed the Children continues to make a difference in people’s lives. Since 2006, Teleperformance has contributed more than 10 million dollars to Feed the Children, with the non-profit organization making the most of Teleperformance’s contributions. As one of the leading anti-hunger organizations, Feed the Children is dedicated to helping families and communities achieve a better quality of life. Throughout the world, Feed the Children also coordinates and facilitates child-focused community development in eight countries.


HOPEww _Teleperformance _Feedthe Children _Food Distribution _Buji6

We believe that a little help goes a long, long way to create a spark of hope in these challenging times. Teleperformance stands together with India. We are one with Feed the Children in envisioning a better world for all!

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