Amplifying the Female Voice, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Women Leaders
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Amplifying the Female Voice, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Women Leaders

Miranda Collard - 08.17.2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching implications, it fails to be a great leveler. Gender bias is still prevalent in many workplaces, with women continuing to face barriers that limit their growth trajectory. Beliefs that management is a male role, stereotypes against women in recruitment and promotion, and masculine corporate cultures only serve to perpetuate these perception problems. In fact, studies show that women tend to receive fewer critical assignments that lead to advancement, earn lower salaries, and receive fewer professional recommendations.

While gender diversity is proven to increase team performance and success, and women in leadership are helping businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways, why do women decision makers remain the exception rather than the norm?

According to the Women’s Leadership Gap Fact Sheet, while women hold 52% of all professional jobs, they’re substantially underrepresented in leadership roles. And it’s this shortage of prominent female role models that has inspired us to launch TP SheTalks. I want your daughters – and mine – to have confident, empowered leaders to admire, helping to redefine all those antiquated perceptions. In fact, Nanette Braun, Chief of Communications and Advocacy at UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, believes that we can chart a new course by highlighting role models who break through arbitrary gender-based barriers, and creating new professional opportunities for women.

TP SheTalks is a new webinar series that will offer a dynamic learning ecosystem for women leaders by amplifying the female voice. We will drive positive change by:

  • Celebrating women who continue to break new glass ceilings
  • Addressing issues that women (and men) face in the workplace, especially in these trying times
  • Providing key insights, lessons learned, and personal best practices for overcoming common professional roadblocks

For the inaugural broadcast of TP SheTalks on August 19, I will be joined by Joy Park, Vice President of Outsourcing Strategy and Support at Comcast for both Care Call Center and Technical Operations. We will share insights into the career paths we have each taken, our lifelong learnings for ensuring continuous personal improvement, strategies for finding and asserting our female voice, and perspectives on the importance of a gender-balanced workplace. Our conversation will also deep-dive into the intricacies of striking a balance between work and family life — a challenge that all working professionals strive to overcome, regardless of gender.

Through this webinar, I sincerely hope that women will be empowered to assert themselves, openly promote their achievements, act with confidence, and be heard. By increasing awareness and harnessing our collective energy to put momentum behind this cause, we can elevate the discussion and eliminate gender disparity once and for all.

Join our exclusive discussion to hear more! Register now for our TP SheTalks webinar.

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