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Teleperformance - 05.12.2020

As part of Teleperformance’s continuous mission to protect our employees and ensure their safety during a global health pandemic, Teleperformance Leadership conducted several townhall sessions across our locations globally. One of these town hall meetings was held at our Florida site in Boca Raton. Cesar Soliman, a member of the Anti-COVID19 Task Force at Teleperformance in the USA, recently shared the town hall’s major points with us.

“This event was part of our efforts to show our appreciation to all of the essential TP employees who remain working from one of our sites,” Soliman says. “We held town hall meetings with all of the employees onsite to thank them for their dedication and commitment, to share with them updates on TP’s actions to ensure employee safety (social distancing measures, delivering masks, work-at-home deployment, etc.), and then give them a motivational pep talk. We also used the opportunity to ensure that our sites are within compliance to social distancing mandates.”

According to Soliman, the primary objectives of the town hall meetings are to express Teleperformance’s appreciation for all employees; provide updates on Teleperformance’s actions to ensure employee safety which includes social distancing practices and PPE delivery; and give employees a much-needed motivation boost and assurance that the company is together with its employees throughout the crisis. Soliman thanked the town hall’s attendees for their commitment in ensuring that customers and clients are cared for each day.

The town hall was conducted with Teleperformance’s physical distancing measures enforced and was received positively by the staff. Soliman noted that agents expressed their appreciation for the Boca Raton Facilities and Maintenance team for doing a phenomenal job in ensuring the safety of the employees. “Several agents mentioned that they feel safer at the site than in many other places they visit,” shares Soliman. Members of the senior leadership teams will also visit Teleperformance sites over the next few weeks to ensure that sites are within compliance, and that the employees are receiving care.

Teleperformance further supports our communities by providing credit card or loan services for those who need to rely on extra funds during this time or to make payments; important healthcare services or support to our front-line medical providers and patients; and ensuring communications are available through cable, satellite, internet, mobile devices, and texting.

To date, Teleperformance has ordered more than six million masks ordered for employees. We have already secured the order of 6.3 million of masks to be delivered on all sites across the world—one mask per employee per day for one month working in a brick-and-mortar environment. Sites in the USA will have another delivery of 52,000 masks that will begin arriving this week. Furthermore, 50% of Teleperformance’s global production force work from home, with a target to reach 66% by mid-April. The U.S. has over 70% of its production force working from home, targeting 90% or greater.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to our employees all over the world for their continued dedication and commitment—we are in this together. Stay safe and take care of one another.

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