Become an Agent of Change through TP’s All Ideas Matter
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Become an Agent of Change through TP’s All Ideas Matter

Teleperformance - 03.02.2021

At Teleperformance, innovation is what drives us to move forward. As a global leader in customer experience management focusing on high-tech, high-touch interactions, we recognize the roles technology, innovation, and collaboration play in our day-to-day operations—they allow us to meet and even exceed client’s expectations, build better connections with customers and our employees, and adapt to today’s rapidly changing world. 

Teleperformance is committed to promoting a company culture that fosters innovation. Change can lead to progression, and progression can lead to growth—and sometimes, all it takes is a simple idea to create a difference. “All Ideas Matter” (AIM) is Teleperformance’s latest initiative that invites all employees to become agents of change, empowering them to inspire innovation through sharing transformative ideas that have the potential of making a positive impact on our clients’ business, end customers, and our company. 

We believe that AIM can motivate our employees to creatively identify solutions that can help us navigate challenging situations or improve current processes and operations. Thriving in a collaborative environment where our employees can share their ideas helps pave the way for career development and promotes the right kind of behavior for the company. Teleperformance knows that our greatest collaborators are our employees, who are more than capable of providing powerful insights and ideas that can spark a change and drive innovation. AIM is a platform for all Teleperformance employees—regardless of position, age, experience, or tenure—to share ideas about performance improvement, process issues, and ways we can improve customer experience!

Our AIM teams have already received entries featuring ideas from our employees: setting up a centralized knowledge base system, digitalization of health declaration forms, and introducing simulation in training. These are only a few examples—remember, your idea matters, and you can also send them over to us! Get those thinking caps ready. Here’s a list featuring the types of ideas we are interested in:

Client experience: potential ideas that can help improve or revolutionize the client and customer experience, including performance improvement, or ideas to reach, maintain, and improve an operational KPI

Internal improvements: ideas that can positively impact Teleperformance operations and internal processes, including ideas on fraud prevention, fraud detection, fraud risk; ideas on safety and security; TOPS and BEST enhancements; ideas on system and tools enhancement, client system tools, TP system tools, and IT equipment

Ideas focused on implementing and improving automation

Ideas featuring Botathon

Innovative ideas for Teleperformance Cloud Campus

For a detailed list of ideas, you may visit the My.TP app.

AIM recognizes our employees’ efforts and commitment to the initiative. Teleperformance will reward employees whose ideas can generate a strong impact. The AIM teams will hand these global rewards later this year. Please visit or the My.TP app to find detailed information on rewards, mechanics, and other reminders!

To further inspire our employees to kickstart their quest to share innovative ideas that may have the power to positively transform the way we do business, please have a look at our infographic below listing tips on how to come up with new ideas.

Until next time!


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