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Case in Point: TP’s Back-Office Solutions

Teleperformance - 02.25.2020

Back-office processes remain vital in driving productivity, cost-efficiency, and improved performance towards organizations. A well-coordinated back-office can lead to an increased loyalty among customers, as a result of having the right strategies that can improve sales and customer experience.

Teleperformance’s back-office solutions are centered on technology and world-class security, and always with the customer in mind. Having a vast global footprint has allowed us to have a strong back-office presence, capable of designing the right back-office strategy regardless of location.

With our wide range of back-office solutions, we have helped companies achieve consistency, efficiency, improved brand perception, productivity, and an enhanced customer experience. After implementing Teleperformance’s back-office solutions, one client, a multinational banking and financial services conglomerate based in Britain—was able to hit better numbers while improving their customers’ satisfaction. For this client, there were multiple challenges affecting mortgage applications: errors due to multiple handoffs, a rise in customer service escalations, and delayed and inconsistent decisions made. To address these challenges, Teleperformance implemented a dedicated hub for each sub-process. In addition, our back-office strategy included a dedicated Hunt Line—a specialized telephonic helpdesk managed by underwriters—that assisted on complex underwriting queries among customers and helped brokers and mortgage advisors to ensure faster resolutions. We also deployed an automated workflow allocation system to improve overall efficiency and accuracy.

The client’s numbers improved after the implementation of our back-office solutions. There was a ten-point increase in Net Promoter Score, as well as an increase of 3,500 in applications per month. There was also a 57% reduction—from 7 days to 3 days—in decision time. Through the dedicated helpdesk, customer complaints and escalations went down by 80%.

Through our decades of experience and keen focus on the human touch and technology, we can help your business attain more efficiency while elevating the customer experience. Want to know more about our back-office solutionsContact us today!

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