Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion: Amplifying our people’s voices

Teleperformance - 07.09.2020

This article was written by Jeffrey Johnson

In a recent Instagram Live session together with Teleperformance Chief Client Officer and TP Women Chair Miranda Collard, we shared the ongoing conversations we have been having on a variety of issues we face in our drive for a diverse and inclusive culture in all workplaces.

A basic point that we emphasized during that session was the importance of having these conversations within our organizations, with our teammates, with other institutions and groups.

Akin to the sunshine principles, when people are able to openly talk about issues and see that their workplace is a safe space to be vulnerable, then we will start to hear more voices and stories. The trust and confidence will be built over time and authentic discourse can lead to meaningful changes.

This foundation of trust is so important, especially now. The past months, as we have been witnessing events unfold in many parts of the world, it has become quite clear that the battle for Diversity and Inclusion will continue to be difficult. For so long, and in so many places in the world, we have seen systemic racism, discrimination, homophobia, misogyny, ageism, and so many founts of acrimony. There are groups pushing an agenda of hate and ignorance and they are not few nor ineffectual.

That we can be bold and stand against this movement as individuals and as an organization is evidence that we have begun to gain important ground. We must keep our momentum going. Especially with the pandemic giving particular challenges to the most vulnerable such as abused women and children suffering under quarantine, we must bring these to light.

We have to keep widening the safe spaces we have built for our people, we must continue to speak up and make sure our people’s voices are heard. Let us bring forth more conversations. Let us never be silent in the face of challenges to our values and our principles.

This is the challenge for every leader today, to have the boldness to institutionalize the framework where we build the culture and the company that we say we want. Truly, to be authentic, we have to define and articulate what we stand for and what we fight against. And to be anti-racist and anti-discrimination, which entails action and institutional changes.

We put in place policies to protect people’s rights, we support programs that develop and strengthen people’s skills, we provide equal opportunities for learning and mentorship, we open paths to different roles, we keep all communication channels open. We get the conversations going.

We have much work to do ahead of us. But we have started our D&I journey strong and with our eyes open. We recognize that our differences, our diversity, make us strong and resilient. They make us more creative, more productive. We are all different and that only means we all have unique contributions towards our sustainable future.

At the end of the day, we care about each other and we stand up for each other. And that’s what makes us a strong Teleperformance family.

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