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Cracking the Customer Engagement Code in Today’s Digital-First CX World

Paul Joustra - 06.24.2021

In today’s fast-paced, evolving marketplace, everything and everyone is connected. The rise in communication channels and devices has resulted in a massive shift in customer expectations. Customers now expect brands to create meaningful, relevant, and convenient experiences throughout their buyer journey and foster a personal relationship that offers value whenever and wherever they engage. Their perceptions of how a company treats them affect their behaviors, memories, and feelings, which eventually drive their loyalty. The ever-increasing challenge for brands, therefore, is to effectively deliver consistent, contextual, and personalized interactions across each customer touchpoint.

There are over 20 customer engagement channels today and about 30 channels in the next five years. However, Gartner’s marketing research shows that 50% of brands will have failed to unify customer engagement channels by 2022. To remedy this, organizations should deliver frictionless omnichannel experiences to create more connected experiences for customers.

Harness the power of human connections — always, all ways.

Traditionally, channel-specific advisor groups are created when dealing with new technology, for example, a chat group, an email group, a social group, etc. However, this strategy does not work anymore because digital customers bounce from channel to channel, interacting on different platforms, expecting brands to understand them. While the path of least resistance is to be efficient in each channel, without unifying those channels, many brands fail to understand the customers and effectively respond to them.

To align a traditional world with an emerging digital one, Teleperformance has partnered with Khoros. A global, digital-first customer engagement software company, Khoros provides software for digital customer service, messaging, chat, online community management, social media marketing, analytics, and content management that’s all backed up by an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Through this partnership, we are able to offer these services to enterprise brands and agencies.

So how does it work? Khoros cuts through the noise across digital channels, filters it down, and leverages AI to understand who the customers are, where they are, what they are saying, what they mean, their sentiments, and how actionable their sentiments are. It then delivers the right conversations at the right moment to the right experts who would respond to the customers intelligently. And this is where Teleperformance comes into play.

As a technology provider, Khoros enables Teleperformance to respond to customers across multiple digital channels — whether on Twitter, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, Google Instant Messaging, WhatsApp, etc. — adding the human touch to every conversation. With a better understanding of the context and the customer, our interaction experts can deliver exceptional customer experience anytime, anywhere.

We leverage technology to assist humans, not the other way around.

At Teleperformance, technology augments our agent capabilities. Thanks to Khoros’s single, easy-to-use platform to manage digital conversations, our agents can engage fluidly between channels and easily add new digital channels as they emerge. With AI-powered workflows and operational insights, we can scale digital care and take the right action with operational metrics alongside customer experience analytics. Furthermore, our empowered agents and bot assistance enable authentic, real-time conversations, increasing customer satisfaction while also detecting and mitigating social crises.

Explore our partnership with Khoros further in our TP Quick Talks webinar, featuring Mike Betzer, General Manager – Care Product Line at Khoros, and Paul Joustra, head of Transformation at Teleperformance.

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