Day 3 at LIF2020: Power to the People
Strategic Insights

Day 3 at LIF2020: Power to the People

Eric Dupuy - 10.07.2020

Celebrating People

In opening the LIF, Daniel Julien, CEO and Founder of Teleperformance, said, “CX has evolved to become a balance between digitization and human engagement. And the good news about our customers is that they’re human beings with both rational and emotional needs.” Today’s agenda focuses on exactly that — on people. Our consumers, our employees, our teams, our friends, and even our families.

In today’s modern marketplace, diversity and inclusion have been embraced as a strategic business imperative.

During today’s first session, “One People: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work,” Tatiana Quaife, Director of Marketing Strategy for a global media and entertainment brand, shared her personal journey and insights while navigating corporate America as a female from a minority group.

She felt like she needed to fit in, which resulted in her completely losing herself. “If losing yourself is needed to be successful, it’s not worth it.” We must build a culture of trust and safety where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

Leaders are important in building this culture. They should lead by example and be human. Develop a growth mindset, where it’s okay to fail. Learning by mistakes makes us better. “Diversity has been a bolt-on approach in organizations,” said Tatiana. “But it needs to be built in.” It’s about breaking the mold.

Change begins one step at a time — remember to be an advocate for diversity, inclusion and belonging every day! Not just once a week.


For today’s second session, the Teleperformance CX Lab helped us understand evolving behaviors of consumers. The CX Lab is a consumer research center established in 2013 with over 1 Million B2C online consumer survey responses collected across 13 countries and 18 sectors.

Their proprietary research showed that consumers with a positive experience when interacting with customer service had a +13% higher loyalty intention. On the flip side, a bad interaction decreases loyalty by 27%.

Their predictions on channel use based on consumer preferences and behaviors:

  • Chat with Live Agent will surpass Email / Web Form in 2021
  • Chatbot will have nearly twice as many users in the next 2 years
  • Using Mobile Apps for customer service will continue growing and should achieve the 3rd position in ranking by 2021
  • Voice will remain the number one channel

It should not be about replacing or replicating a human; it is about augmenting the experience for the consumer and the agent.

Experimentation was the key topic for today’s third session on “Embracing Change for Long- Term Success” with Grubhub Customer Care Directors, Jason Weaver and Tricia Thomsen.


Having already piloted a work-at-home model before the global crisis, Grubhub was able to move 100% of their workforce to a remote model within just two weeks, while hiring 20% more to address the spike in demand.

“When we moved everyone to work-from-home, we were worried it would hurt our KPIs. So, we were thrilled when we actually experienced the opposite — KPI improvements across the board!” — Jason Weaver, Customer Care Director at Grubhub.

Because they saw such strong results, Grubhub has decided to permanently adopt work-at- home, and further streamline their operation with TP’s Cloud Campus model.

“If our agents are happy and comfortable in a place they prefer, and have the tools they need, they’re going to deliver better experiences to our customers.” — Tricia Thomsen, Customer Care Director at Grubhub.

While Grubhub does not plan to have 100% of their team work from home, it is 100% part of their ongoing service plan.

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