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Ensuring Operational Resilience Through Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence

Sidharth Mukherjee - 05.04.2021

The pandemic has disrupted many industries and thoroughly tested many organizations’ resilience in this unprecedented event, proving that innovation and agility are critical for thriving in a post-pandemic business landscape. For this reason, many companies have been scrambling to find a foothold, looking into transformative solutions that can help support business continuity while allowing them to maintain their principles and goals.

To succeed in this endeavor, organizations must leverage technology and a new workplace model to ensure continuity and achieve better and faster results.

Operation Readiness for Long-Term Business Resilience

Future-readiness defines a company’s ability to anticipate threats and vulnerabilities and adapt and respond to new challenges. Some of these challenges include ensuring a safe and productive working environment in the new normal while delivering high-quality output using practical solutions. Leveraging Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™), Teleperformance’s holistic transformation framework, and the four main pillars of our vision for the new normal — Global Sourcing, Digital Channels, Cloud Campus, and Intelligent Automation — we have been able to make a huge shift in how we support clients in their transformation journey amid uncertain times.


We are changing the operational environment to prepare for future disruptions.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many companies moved their employees to a work-at-home (WAH) model, including Teleperformance. We made a tremendous investment in migrating over 200,000 of our colleagues to WAH to ensure our employees’ safety while continuously delivering essential products and services. This experience has put us in a unique position to help clients make the same transition. That’s why we launched the TP Cloud Campus. It is the combination of virtual teams and a physical, centralized hub where the operational leadership resides. Cloud Campus connects and engages employees, leaders, and clients to create a rich, virtual working environment while ensuring productivity and providing the same level of quality as a brick-and-mortar staff. 


We harness an expansive talent pool that transcends geographic barriers.

True business resilience is about developing an agile infrastructure that allows companies to scale operations up or down with a geographically dispersed labor force. And as the pandemic has shown, businesses cannot put all their eggs in one basket anymore. Global sourcing continues to be relevant, as it allows companies to procure human resources as needed. Add that to the fact that global sourcing opens an untapped pool of talent, knowledge, and skills from anywhere in the world.


We benefit from having operations in 80 countries and over 40 years of knowledge and across industries, which enable us to prepare for future disruptions. Our innovative shoring options (cloudshoring, nearshoring, onshoring, offshoring) also allow us to support clients with their global sourcing aspirations.


We ensure global connectivity with digital.

End customers have experienced uncertainty and panic when coronavirus hit, prompting them to turn to digital channels to connect with brands, ask their questions, and request support. In this day and age, having a customer support presence on the digital channels that consumers use helps brands remain relevant and valuable. At Teleperformance, we leverage the best of what digital channels have to offer,  such as chatbots, social media, messaging, and video, to ensure adaptable and flexible team connectivity and customer experience management regardless of business challenges.


We streamline processes with technology.

When it comes to resilience, the back office is just as vital as it supports the front office in reaching business goals and mitigating risks. Intelligent automation can optimize your back office by identifying potential automation areas, improving overall performance, and enhancing output. Moreover, intelligent automation can identify critical processes and possible threats and recalibrate business resilience plans for a constant state of readiness.

Business resilience should be embedded in every business aspect.

To move forward in this new normal, clients need a business partner to help them set clear expectations and develop a strong foundation for transformation using a holistic framework. Contact us to learn more about T.A.P.™ and how we can support you in your transformation journey.

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