Exploring Automation and AI in Healthcare with Pascal Bornet
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Exploring Automation and AI in Healthcare with Pascal Bornet

Teleperformance - 06.30.2021

COVID-19 became a catalyst for digital transformation in the healthcare industry. The rise of virtual healthcare became extremely beneficial for many patients and health providers, as it was evident that smarter—and more convenient—virtual care options have improved patient access, treatment, and employee experience throughout the course of the global pandemic.


As digital channels opened themselves for individuals to use during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that more people across generations became more willing to use them. The Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab’s (CX LabSurvey reported that Chat with Live Agent moved to a close fourth place and gained users, especially among Baby Boomers. Tying this with the surge in digitalization in the healthcare industry, the CX Lab’s research findings also reported that there was a growth in virtual assistants—over a quarter of consumers are willing to be answered by virtual assistants, such as a chatbot instead of a human.

The post-pandemic transformation of healthcare has sparked numerous discussions, and we believe it’s about time we host one of our own. On Teleperformance’s next LinkedIn Live event, we are honored to be joined by Pascal Bornet, Chief Data Officer of Aera Technology. Pascal is a recognized global expert, thought leader, and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation (IA). His industry experience is unparalleled, with over 20 years of senior executive experience in digital transformations. He founded and led the “AI & Automation” practices at McKinsey and EY. As a lecturer and speaker, he received a “Global Top Voice in Tech” award. Pascal is also the author of “INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION: Learn How to Harness AI to Boost Business and Make Our World More Human.”  He is currently a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.


Pascal will be joined by our very own Linda Comp-Noto, Teleperformance’s Division President of Healthcare. The LinkedIn Live will be moderated by Marina Netto, Global Head of the Teleperformance CX Lab. In the webinar, expect to learn Pascal, Linda, and Marina’s thoughts on how COVID-19 became the ultimate accelerator for digital transformation, the many benefits of AI and automation, and what’s next for healthcare in terms of using AI and automation.


Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights! Our LinkedIn Live event will take place on July 13th at 11 am Miami time. See you there!


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