Getting in Touch with Tech and the Human Experience
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Getting in Touch with Tech and the Human Experience

Teleperformance - 01.30.2020

For Teleperformance in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean’s CEO Juan Ignacio Sada, keeping up with the quick pace of today’s changing business environment demands flexibility and efficiency.

“We empower emotionally intelligent human beings to connect better with your customers,” Sada shared in a video on LinkedIn. For companies to remain competitive, he believes that getting in touch with the latest technology while tapping valuable human experiences is necessary. With over 28,000 interaction experts located in five countries in the Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean region providing services for the US and Latin American markets, Sada emphasized on Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach, and the drive for simpler, faster, and safer interactions. He continued, “We aim to produce extraordinary interactions that make a difference for your business.”

Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach focuses on global best practices and industry practices, including the Lean Six Sigma methodology and design thinking utilized in our business processes. Today, technology has been the star, however, the human factor and emotional intelligence seem to be diminishing—and that is why Teleperformance remains committed to embed the human touch in everything we do. One prime example is our chatbot solution, which pairs our best equipped agents with the latest automation technology. Teleperformance Managing Director for Knowledge Services Sidharth Mukherjee further explains. “When we do chatbots for our clients, we look to use some of our best equipped agents, some of our most talented agents as conversational designers,” Mukherjee stated. “They can have a meaningful conversation with a client through a chatbot interface, and over time, that chatbot starts to mimic a human. And eventually, we have automation and humans working together in sync.”

Seeking a balance between technological innovation and emotional connection demands an agile business services partner who can help you advance in a digital world. Interested to learn more about our digital business services and how we can help you get in touch with technology and the human experience? Contact us today!

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