Groupama and Teleperformance: Partnership Built on Trust
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Groupama and Teleperformance: Partnership Built on Trust

Teleperformance - 12.24.2020

For more than six years, Groupama has entrusted Teleperformance with numerous responsibilities for its various entities: overflow of customer service calls, distance selling campaigns, network appointment scheduling, life insurance arbitration systems, back office activities, etc. This partnership, based on trust from the outset, has developed gradually. Now Groupama is going further by challenging Teleperformance with new business priorities.


Partners since 2014, the relationship between Groupama and Teleperformance has gradually evolved. Indeed, the mutual insurance group regularly expresses new needs for its various entities spread across nine regional divisions. Therefore, when it comes to supervising calls for tenders and new services, it is necessary to be able to centralize requests and manage contracts. This is the role of Stéphane Robert, Head of Insurance Purchasing / Marketing Digital Communication / Business Software / Methods & Tools within Groupama's Group Purchasing Department.


Developing new activities as and when required

The first initiative Stéphane Robert entrusted to Teleperformance in 2014 was to handle the overflow of incoming calls over the summer period. The objective: to ensure call pick-up rates of at least 95%, a challenge that Teleperformance rose to meet. As a result, Stéphane Robert quickly delegated additional activities. "To begin with, we started with low volumes. In order to optimize rates and increase these volumes, I offered them a genuine long-term partnership negotiated from the outset. The idea was to develop new activities for each entity as the partnership progressed. Teleperformance understood the complexity of our organization and trusted us," he explains.


Since then, Teleperformance has developed numerous services for different entities of the group. Most recently, Groupama is in the process of testing insurance sales activities between its internal teams and those of Teleperformance. This enables the group to increase conversion rates, and to jointly benefit from Teleperformance's best practices and know-how.


Challenger and internal and external benchmark

Stéphane Robert also does not hesitate to regularly challenge Teleperformance with his competitors on a project-by-project basis. This is notably the case in 2017, with the introduction of the Bourquin amendment that allowed consumers to change their loan insurance within a year of signing the loan agreement. Groupama saw this as a commercial opportunity and decided to retain two players, including Teleperformance, to distribute the volume. At the end of the test, Teleperformance demonstrated the best results: "Beyond performance, we benefit from a partner that listens to our needs, meets our expectations, and has the necessary resources. ”

This is also being emulated by the Individual Protection entity known as Groupama Gan Vie, where Teleperformance is involved in outbound up-sell, cross-sell and loyalty calls, back office activities for issuing contracts, and also for customer service overflows. We’ve also established additional turnover indicators to supplement the sales network due to the lack of profitability linked to travel, ensuring that operations are well managed and optimized. We maintain a very close relationship with the operational teams, as we do with our own internal staff, by challenging and benchmarking performance to ensure continuous improvement. We are in search of greater efficiency on a daily basis. Moreover, Teleperformance shares its best practices with us, which are very valuable and formative for our in-house teams," emphasizes Dominique Yapi, Head of Individual cover animation at Groupama Gan Vie. “At the same time, Teleperformance offers us innovative solutions such as speech analytics via TP Interact. We are going to combine it with our internal scoring tool in the context of anti-churn campaigns in order to improve customer loyalty. This solution will enable us to cross-reference our clients' voices with our internal scoring and thus increase performance and ROI".


A real sharing of experience

Since the beginning of the partnership in 2014, Stéphane Robert has been delighted with the value he has created through the Teleperformance partnership. "The teams are highly efficient and challenge us, while sharing their skills and areas for improvement. In addition, we benefit from the research and expertise of the CX LAB (Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab), which provides analyses of the insurance sector and various benchmarks around client paths in P&C or healthcare. We are aligned a sharing and building of experience, and not just in operational management," he concludes.


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