Introducing: TAP Quarterly Newsletter

Introducing: TAP Quarterly Newsletter

Sidharth Mukherjee - 03.09.2020

The era of digital transformation continues to accelerate, especially after a challenging year that prompted businesses and companies to reevaluate existing operating models in order to address the evolving needs of customers. As the world slowly shifts into a new way of life after a global pandemic, technology and innovation never sleep—and with this, the opportunity to further dive into the digital waters becomes more present, paving the way for rapid digital transformation.

The word “transformation” can be very broad by definition and could mean different things to different people. At Teleperformance, we aim to demystify and define transformation through our proprietary framework called T.A.P.  For starters, T.A.P. stands for Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence. T.A.P. is Teleperformance’s holistic approach to transformation that leverages insights and analytics while combining the most advanced technology with process optimization. It utilizes deep industry and functional domain expertise such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Furthermore, T.A.P. also combines Lean Six Sigma with Design Thinking, and offers a platform to our Knowledge Services consultants for driving transformation and innovation on behalf of our clients. T.A.P. continues to accelerate transformation and innovation, blending high-tech with high-touch.

To date, Teleperformance’s digital transformation capabilities have successfully improved business performance of our clients. Our client delivery operations are more resilient than ever before. We are embracing new CX platforms such as messaging, analytics to make our operations more intelligent, and automation so that humans can focus on adding value to the end customer. To give you a glimpse of how we leverage T.A.P. in our operations and processes, we would like to share “TAP Quarterly Newsletter” with you—our newsletter that highlights in-depth case studies on digital transformation, insights from our global T.A.P. experts, live events, and more. In this edition, TAP Quarterly is offering:

-  Six case studies featuring a global ride-hailing app, a global customer electronics giant, a UK-based retailer, an India-based private bank, a global conglomerate, and a global cruise liner
- Thought leadership articles on the latest developments in technology and transformation
- Two previously recorded videos of “TP QuickTalks,” a Teleperformance LinkedIn Live event, discussing T.A.P., digital transformation, and voice to messaging capabilities with customer engagement software company Khoros

We are excited to share Teleperformance’s digital capabilities, our leader insights on digital transformation, and a whole lot more through TAP Quarterly! We hope you’ll be able to learn valuable information upon reading our newsletter. Good luck to your transformation efforts this 2021!

Click here to access the TAP Quarterly newsletter.

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