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Mark Pfeiffer - 07.21.2020

For over four decades, Teleperformance’s global best practices in customer experience management continue to make their mark among our clients, customers, and our peers all around the world.

It is with great honor to announce once again that Teleperformance has been named as a Leader and Star Performer in the Customer Experience Management (CXM) – Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment this 2020, conducted by the prestigious Everest Group. For Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment this year, 37 Customer Experience Management service providers were featured. According to the Everest Group’s website, each assessment analyzes a service provider’s market success, vision, strategies, service focus and capabilities, digital and technological solutions, domain investments, and buyer feedback. Teleperformance emerged as a Leader and a Star Performer in the assessment.

As a global leader navigating the new normal, we aim to constantly evolve with our clients, exhibit business resiliency, and provide a safe working environment for our employees. Teleperformance continues to serve as the undisputed global benchmark for the industry, and we are incredibly proud of our people who remained strong in overcoming challenges during difficult times. Given at a time when the world is slowly bouncing back from a global health crisis, this recognition from the Everest Group inspires us even more to enhance the customer experience, and to support the changing needs and expectations of clients and their customers amidst disruption and uncertainty.

Together, we move forward. Teleperformance is proud to be a global leader and a star performer in connecting brands with their customers. Congratulations to all, and we are #Proud2beTP!

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