Looking Beyond the Chaos
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Looking Beyond the Chaos

Bhupender Singh - 09.02.2020

While clinking our glasses and welcoming the year 2020, who would have thought that it would turn out like the 21st-century version of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? For the past six months, the eyes of the world have been glued on their screens in hopes of finding answers to this chaos. The chaos that has resulted from a viral outbreak that has shaken the world beyond recognition. The events of the first half have proven that whenever we get too comfortable with life, it throws a curveball, and the game changes right in front of our eyes.

As most of you already know, my life lessons are inspired by sports. So, I would say let’s gear up and hit this curveball out of the park!

Although it may be hard to see the glass as half full right now, the pandemic has still managed to present opportunities to transform governments, societies, and businesses. Yes, we have witnessed companies taking a drastic hit, with global GDP plummeting by 5.2%, forcing millions of workers worldwide out of a job.


While 80% of all possibilities have worked against us, let’s focus on the 20% that have paved the way for the #newnormal.


Technology has become the crucial driver in enabling BAU as the #workfromhome solution across sectors:

  1. Emerging as the front runner amidst the chaos, tech firms have defied the economic downturn, recording profits and proving to the world that consumer buying power has not diminished, but shifted towards simpler, faster, and safer options. Organizations have fast-tracked technology adoption, augmenting technology to focus on #innovation and optimization.

  2. The healthcare sector is continuously introducing innovative ways under the new normal. Telehealth is developing at a frenetic pace, and shall soon become the best bet for periodic check-ups and mental well-being. With corporations embracing remote work, the Cloud will be critical in supporting a home-based workforce.

  3. Education is undergoing a total transformation. E-learning platforms and AI-assisted customized learning are changing the way we traditionally consume knowledge and are unlocking new avenues to improve both tutor and student performance.

#Technology might not have had a way to prevent the onset of this pandemic, but it has the power to guide us through it and enable us to triumph in the new normal. This transition to the unforeseen future is paved with uncertainty. Still, with a positive mindset, agility, and dedication, we can unearth the opportunities and reinvent business for success that will last for decades.



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