New Partnership Announcement: Adolfo Cambiaso
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New Partnership Announcement: Adolfo Cambiaso

Daniel Julien - 03.07.2021

Each new year is a chance to think about new opportunities that will help to continue and improve our common successful journey. We know that nobody succeeds alone, even the greatest champions, and that success is always the result of teamwork. We also know that those who do not progress, retreat. This is why we must continue do more, and better -- together, as a team.

No one understands the value of persistence, innovation, and teamwork better than Adolfo Cambiaso, the world-famous Polo player. At 45, Adolfo recently won the most important world polo tournament, The Abierto de Polo de Palermo, for the 10th time, with his team “La Dolfina”. He very simply explains his magic formula by saying, “You have to work, and you have to improve. Every year, you must get better”.

Adolfo has spent decades training, refining his skills, innovating, and assembling the right team -- a team where everyone, horses and players, has a specific role to play. As a result, Adolfo and La Dolfina are living legends in the world of Polo. This is especially interesting since Polo is one of the oldest team sports in the world, first played in Persia, then in Asia, Arabia, India, the British empire, and then the western world.

Today, Argentina is the capital of Polo, and Adolfo is the “King of the sport of the Kings”. I am fortunate enough to have met Adolfo several times over the last few years, in different places around the world, at tournaments, and more casually at the farm. He is a great man -- passionate about his family (his teenagers are outstanding polo players), horses, nature, and about what he does. He is not at all interested in the limelight. He is just “real”. It matches who and what we are so well that I love it!

So, I am extremely pleased to announce the new partnership between TP and Adolfo. Adolfo is a hero who embodies our own values so well that we can all be inspired by his passion, persistence, determination, and his special talent for success.

With Adolfo’ mindset, we can all make 2021 another year of great success!

(By the way, Adolfo was just 3 years old when I started Teleperformance!)



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