Online Education: Key Notes on a Growing Sector
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Online Education: Key Notes on a Growing Sector

Marina Netto - 11.24.2020

Last time, I wrote about what the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) uncovered regarding the online education sector based on our latest Global CX Survey. Today, I am here to write more about my point of view and personal experience in learning a new language digitally, and how the online education is faring today in the new normal.

Let’s start!

Gamification: For language learning, it is amazing to see the incorporation of games into the learning process. I get constant reminders, extra points, and new materials based upon my usage. It’s making me feel like a kid again, as I get stars and stickers (hurrah, validation!) for completing tasks. After a while, it does become almost like a game. Nowadays, apps have "Competitions" that create a ranking of users, allowing a comparison of scores. Interesting twist on leveraging competitiveness!

AI: The software adapts learning to my skills and will make me review what I am missing. It is able to detect pronunciation mistakes, like a language lab of old times.

Paced learning: I can review materials as many times as I want, or fast forward, and take print screens.  This is different from classroom learning, and while you do need discipline, it facilitates learning for the digitally inclined. The platform is able to adjust to each student’s needs and providing downloadable material based upon a student’s development.

Certificates: Part of gamification is the awarding of certificates that are proudly shared by many LinkedIn users to show how they are focusing on learning new skills. This enhances the gamification aspect, plus they all look good displayed on your profiles, too!

Combined with other media: My language teacher (a real person, not AI) was one of the first to suggest that I complement learning with an app and Instagram posts as it reinforces learning. She focused on the more complex issues like grammar and mentioned that vocabulary is easier to learn through social media and apps. Over time I have embraced these platforms.

Social media: Never thought I would enhance my foreign vocabulary skills through Instagram, but I have now discovered a new world of language learning, i.e., “Word of the Day,” as well as very visual and audio posts and many videos on YouTube.  Recently, I watched a teacher having a cooking language class that was seen by thousands of people worldwide on Instagram Live. 

Say hello to the new way of learning (Photo Credit: CIO)

Easy to use with mobile or desktop: Not everyone has access to a desktop or laptop non-stop, but by having the possibility of leveraging mobile phones, learning literally becomes possible from anywhere.  The other day I took a quick online course while waiting at dentist’s office.

Affordability: Online courses are a lot more affordable today, and generally, there are no additional materials to purchase. Plus, no commuting costs!

Time: I can go into the app at any time to study at my own pace and I am able to set my goals. If I fall behind on goals, I get a friendly reminder from the Machine Learning aspect that already has figured out when to get me to study.

What’s next, and what lies in the future for online education? For me, the one thing I would like to see is an adaptation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into the language learning process. Also, a more interactive experience that would take learning to a new level. By the looks of it, technology is making progress already, and it seems like we are a few steps closer to new developments. I cannot wait to see the potential of online education—especially today—and what is beyond possible for the sector that can result in creating a huge impact on learners of all ages all over the world.

Visit the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab by clicking here. Don’t forget to download Teleperformance’s white papers to learn more about the customer experience!

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