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Eric Dupuy - 01.14.2020

In today’s digital age, it’s clear why more and more FinTech companies and startups are getting the funds they need to surge and disrupt the markets. While the traditional banking sector faces many challenges brought about by regulation, low interest rates, outdated core banking technology, and large overhead costs, the sector continues to strive in order to find new and innovative ways to stay competitive—there has never been a better time to introduce lean, smart, and fast digital capabilities into the vertical to make banking easy, convenient, and available 24/7 for both B2C and B2B customers. The mobile first wave helps the trend, and customers are in demand for banking on their terms. CB Insights reported that in 2018, there were 1,707 deals made globally, resulting in over $39.57 billion raised by venture capital-backed FinTech companies.

As the number of FinTech companies attempting to stand out continues to grow, the challenge of keeping the customer at the heart of every interaction rises: in a time when data, cryptocurrencies, digital payments, and cashless transactions drive the markets, there is the growing challenge for companies to not lose focus on what truly matters, that is—the emotional component that defines brand loyalty and customer connection through a service experience when the customer needs it most. The experience must be delivered in all markets—at scale—to be successful and win the race against fierce competition. Technology is a differentiator in this game, and great service is the fellow teammate.

For over four decades, Teleperformance has become the worldwide market leader in customer experience management. We have partnered with renowned financial institutions and remain passionate about creating meaningful interactions that can make a positive impact on our clients and their customers. Currently, we have approximately 45,000 FTEs supporting the financial services industry, with over 120 clients and 310 programs designed to serve financial services providers. We operate in more than 35 countries through our domestic, nearshore, offshore, and multilingual operations. Our solutions are the following:

  • Virtual: a network of global delivery hubs to scale emotionally intelligent talent fast across continents
  • Omnichannel: the ability to communicate with customers at any time and across their preferred channels, may it be chat, phone, instant messaging, in App support, or others
  • Predictive analytics: we know your best prospect and your best customers, and how to make them happy at any given touch point
  • Voice of the Customer: increase satisfaction with smarter and automated offers for services at the right time
  • Plug & Play: build a unified and compliant infrastructure to add to new markets instantly to the existing setup

Moving forward, there is one thing that remains constant, especially for the financial services industry exploring the digital waters: that is, the need to implement maximum security in all processes to protect clients and customers. As a GDPR-compliant company granted with a Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approval, we continue to protect our clients’ and their customers’ data privacy and align our processes with the EU’s strict data transfer protocols. Furthermore, we strictly adhere to governmental regulations and adapt our programs in order to comply.

As an agile business services partner in today’s digital world, we continue our focus on technology, security, and innovation. Teleperformance can support FinTech companies with scalable, digitally integrated, and innovative services that can increase your global share of the market, and help you enhance the customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your FinTech company go above and beyond!

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