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Teleperformance - 03.17.2020

Teleperformance welcomes another milestone!

We are proud to be recognized as a Leader in the "Global Omnichannel Customer Service Outsourcers Wave," published by the renowned market research company Forrester. The report has identified and evaluated the 10 most significant global omnichannel customer service outsourcing providers to help customer service application professionals select the best provider for their needs.

In the report, Forrester focused on Teleperformance's key strengths that set us apart. As an "outsourcing titan," Forrester recognized Teleperformance's proactive CX solutions and end-to-end services that are offered in every language and geography, and a maturing practice around CX practices such as customer journey analytics and redesign. The report also recognized Teleperformance's expansion beyond agent services into new revenue streams that are still aligned with elevating the customer experience, including content moderation, data analytics, and healthcare services.

Forrester also recognized Teleperformance's efforts towards becoming a global leader that continues to evolve and adapt in today's digital environment. The report also placed the spotlight on the innovative Teleperformance Center of Excellence that helps Teleperformance to deeply localize machine-learning for fraud detection as well as natural language processing for email and chatbots, and bots designed for recruiting digital-savvy agents. 

We would like to thank Forrester for this honor, and we congratulate our Teleperformance family for reaching another milestone as we continue our journey towards making each interaction matter! 

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