Teleperformance in China: COVID-19 Key Learnings
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Teleperformance in China: COVID-19 Key Learnings

Teleperformance - 11.12.2020

As a global leader in the industry operating in today’s new normal, Teleperformance aims to practice business resiliency in times of uncertainty, economic challenges, and business disruption.


In China where its cities were affected by restrictions and lockdowns when COVID-19 first made its presence known, the result were many lives greatly affected--an impact lasting for over two months. By early April, the Chinese economy had seen a restart, with Teleperformance having an efficient home-based workforce in the country. Today, China looks beyond, and continues to drive forward in a post-COVID-19 world. Looking back, Teleperformance’s global best practices were truly exemplified by our teams in China who took swift action in ensuring safe working conditions for employees when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.


In our white paper, Teleperformance in China details how it navigated the COVID-19 crisis, and shares key learnings that focus on employee safety, transitioning to a work-at-home model, best practices, business continuity, and how it emerged from the crisis. As a result, Teleperformance in China was able to move more than 50% of clients to a work-at-home model, greatly prioritizing the health and safety of employees. Learn the strict safety measures taken by Teleperformance in China to provide a safe working environment for employees working onsite, its transition to a work-at-home model and how it was implemented across sites, and how Teleperformance in China continues to establish a new normal after COVID-19. Furthermore, the white paper also explores key lessons and trends seen during the pandemic, and also discusses how they affected day-to-day operations and how our employees work.


Register now and download our free white paper by clicking here. Find out more about our work-at-home solutions by clicking here.


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