Teleperformance in Equileap’s Top 100 Gender Equality Global Ranking
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Teleperformance in Equileap’s Top 100 Gender Equality Global Ranking

Teleperformance - 03.23.2021

Teleperformance thrives in a workplace culture that values inclusion, diversity, and gender equality. As the fight for gender equality continues, our commitment to equal gender roles and diversity is solidified. We continuously take long strides in celebrating the many successes of women in our workforce. To date, 52% of our workforce are women—and for us, it has resulted in a collaborative environment where communication, growth, respect, and empowerment are treasured.

We are honored to be among the leading companies worldwide in Equileap’s Top 100 Gender Equality Global Ranking, where Teleperformance ranked 32nd globally among 3,500 companies evaluated. Teleperformance also ranked among the top 10 companies in France. Equileap is an independent, specialized data provider with a broad scope of gender metrics. This recent recognition further acknowledges our consistent efforts in creating an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and culturally diverse work environment for our employees.

Released last March 4, Equileap’s Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking assesses companies using 19 gender equality criteria, which covers several factors including gender balance across the workforce, gender pay gap, paid parental leave, and anti-sexual harassment policies.

For Karine Jan, Chief Operations Officer of Teleperformance in CEMEA, diversity is key. “I am very proud to be a woman in Teleperformance and what I like is the diversity. I have a team full of men, women, different cultures and different nationalities,” Karine said. “The advice I usually give to women in TP is to believe in what they do, to think differently, to continue to think differently, to challenge men, and to work as a team.”

“I think most women see being emotional as being a deterrent in their career.Unless you are truly passionate about what you are doing you are not going to give 100 percent,” Teleperformance’s Executive Vice President of Banking Operations Rupa Ramamurthy shared. “I’d advise all women to use emotions constructively for their work, because the best output and outcomes will follow.”

Miranda Collard, Global Chief Executive Officer and Chair of “TP Women,” a global Teleperformance initiative that has been instrumental in celebrating the many achievements of the women of Teleperformance, said: “We formed TP Women at Teleperformance because we know that there is an innate need for us to help support the gender equality. Not only in our organization, but also throughout our client’s organizations. When we surround ourselves with people that do not look, act, and think exactly the way we do, we grow.”

Teleperformance is proud to celebrate the milestones of the women in our workplace. Our recent recognition from Equileap inspires us to take bigger steps in advancing gender equality and creating equal opportunities for women. We are one in progressing the woman’s role in the workplace, and continue forward with our commitment to diversity and equality!

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