Teleperformance wins the North America Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award
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Teleperformance wins the North America Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

Mark Pfeiffer - 08.07.2020

Teleperformance continues to make its mark as the global leader in customer experience management!

Our commitment to providing simpler, faster, and safer interactions has once again been recognized by prestigious consultancy Frost & Sullivan. Teleperformance received the 2020 North America Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award in the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry.

In Frost & Sullivan’s Award report, Teleperformance’s implementation of an enhanced and expanded work-at-home solution during the COVID-19 pandemic became a key highlight. It is important to note that our work-at-home agents increased from 10,000 to over 160,000 employees in less than four months. Frost & Sullivan also recognized Teleperformance’s extensive focus on technology and security, naming Teleperformance as a leader in BPO security practices.

 “Teleperformance’s proven experience in implementing a work-at-home model expanded at a rapid pace at the very beginning of the pandemic”, notes Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. He adds, “Its leadership in the industry made it possible for the company to successfully move and manage a team of thousands of remote interaction experts that connect and assist customers daily across all geographies. It is clear that Teleperformance deployed best-in-class operational and security processes; ensuring consistent results from on-site and remote interaction experts.”

Teleperformance CEO Daniel Julien stated, “As the global industry leader and a best employer worldwide, we constantly re-envision alternative work and delivery models that can benefit our clients, their customers and, of course, our employees.”

The Teleperformance Cloud Campus was also recognized as a differentiator in the market, with work-at-home solutions becoming a “must-have” at a time of a “new normal.” DeSalles says, “Work-at-Home solutions are in high demand right now. Teleperformance Cloud Campus is a clear differentiator in the market. We believe that it may be the most efficient and effective model for hiring, training, and managing remote teams while ensuring exceptional customer experiences in the countries and markets that Teleperformance supports.”

Teleperformance’s digital business continuity planning for clients, growth, and strong brand equity were also acknowledged and commended. DeSalles concludes with, “Teleperformance boasts a bevy of marquee clients that are the bedrock of a strong, long-standing and loyal client base. Teleperformance has a diverse base of more than 850 clients. Teleperformance represents a truly global Group in which innovation and technology play a central role in support of the human experience.”

Having received this honor further inspires us to move forward and remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver simpler, faster, and safer interactions while ensuring our employees’ safety. We share this recognition with our teams and TP Heroes from all over the world who stood firm with us during challenging times. We also thank our partners and clients for continuing to show trust in our services, and in what Teleperformance can do to make a difference. Together we are stronger, and #Proud2BeTP!


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