TP Men for Women: Fighting Gender Inequality
Diversity & Inclusion

TP Men for Women: Fighting Gender Inequality

Teleperformance - 09.29.2020

Being a company that is fortified by over 330,000 people who come from different backgrounds, who have different voices, and have different stories, we know that it is our responsibility to build a safe space where our employees are able to let their differences and individualities shine. People-company, humanity-first, and at the heart of it all is our commitment to achieve gender equality in the workplace. It is in this light that we are excited to share TP Women’s latest efforts in driving gender equality: TP Men for Women!


Inspired by the “HeForShe” movement launched by United Nations Women and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in 2014, TP Men for Women is Teleperformance’s own awareness campaign that is created to drive awareness towards actions men can take in order to help fight gender inequality. Furthermore, TP Men for Women focuses on how men can become true allies for women in standing against gender inequality through training, awareness campaigns, education, and coordinated events.


We believe that eliminating inequality is everyone’s responsibility, and it should not be left only to the marginalized groups to fight the big fight for themselves. TP Men for Women’s goal is education and increased involvement among men across all Teleperformance sites and geographies so the initiative’s reach will go far and wide. Our fight for the right to be treated equally regardless of gender continues to be a long journey, but together, we know that all of us can be agents of change--the road ahead will be paved with hope that we will be able to stand in solidarity with all women to create a bold, visible, and united force for gender equality.


Let everyone know you are committed to gender equality! Log on to to join the movement. Spread UN’s He for She and TP Men for Women initiatives and create a #HeforShe or #CountTPMenIn post that shares how you are committed to gender equality. Go out there and take action today and be the change. Let your voice be heard but also take the time to listen to others. Refuse to be silent in the face of inequality!


TP Men for Women has a grand vision of a gender-equal workplace, and we invite you to join us as we forge the path towards diversity and equality. Keep your eyes on this space for upcoming TP Men for Women events.

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