TP Middle East: Mitigating COVID-19 Disruption to Ensure Employee Safety and Business Continuity
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TP Middle East: Mitigating COVID-19 Disruption to Ensure Employee Safety and Business Continuity

Teleperformance - 04.17.2020

This article was written by - Piety Gonsalves, CEO, Teleperformance Middle East.

Teleperformance continues to work proactively to anticipate and prevent disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. One common solution is to transition interaction experts and support staff to a #WorkAtHome (#WAHA) model. This provides a solution for both maintaining client operations, and ensuring employee safety during the global health crisis.

We follow an employee-first approach

Amid the crisis, and rapid transition to WAHA, training and. Updating employees is a top priority for all Teleperformance locations. In the Middle East, WhatsApp groups were created to enable constant communication with employees. Also, to keep employees motivated, management teams regularly share positive and inspiring messages through webinars and videos.

Some of our Best Practices

Practicing #PhysicalDistancing has also been a priority. While transitioning, alternate workstations were moved to ensure safe spacing for seating, and the Operations team oversaw the process of delivering workstations to agents’ homes to ensure that everything went smoothly. While moving staff to work-at-home, the team prioritized female employees, those with pre-existing health conditions, and staff dependent upon public transit. Regardless of role or function, #Teleperformance team members were empowered to work autonomously, while also remaining connected to their respective teams.

The Results

  • 95% employees on work-at-home WAHA
  • 100% of client businesses remained operational
  • Consistent performance delivered: 96%+ QA scores and 90%+ CSAT
  • Proactive measures ensured that area lockdowns had no impact on operations
  • Work-at-home support was offered to local Government
  • Clients expressed relief and appreciation for maintaining operations without disruption
  • “Pledge to support” volunteer initiative by the staff initiated, to support increased call volumes at the COVID-19 helpline

We would like to thank our Teleperformance family in the Middle East for their proactive and tireless #commitment in putting our #employees first, while ensuring #businesscontinuity for our clients.

In the Middle East, and around the world, we will overcome Coronavirus together!

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