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Uncovering Business Blind Spots with Interaction Analytics

Teleperformance - 06.15.2021

2020 has prompted a massive shift in business priorities and processes for most organizations, with the primary focus on accelerating digital transformation. This wave of transformation resulted in companies investing heavily on digital technologies. So, it’s no surprise that Statista has projected a significant increase in company spending around digital capabilities from 1.31 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 to 1.78 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022.

Today, customer interactions can take many paths. Understanding these complex journeys provides a great opportunity to improve customer service. With all the available technologies that continue to push digital transformation forward, how can companies be assured that they are on the right track when it comes to understanding customer behavior in order to elevate the customer experience? This is where interaction analytics play an important—and intelligent—role. 

Going Beyond Traditional QA
In a recent LinkedIn Live event hosted by our very own Paolo Righetti, Global Head of Analytics, the extensive business benefits of interaction analytics were discussed in detail. Together with Jeff Gallino, Chief Technology Officer at CallMiner, the session explored the profound impact interaction analytics can have in measuring—and improving—the customer experience.


“Interaction analytics finally allows us to see what happens during an interaction way beyond traditional QA. It really allows us to uncover the blind spots and understand what’s happening with these billions of interactions we’re managing that are well-kept secrets between customers and agents, where we only have a glance of what happens with (traditional) QA.” — Paolo Righetti, Global Head of Analytics for Teleperformance


For Gallino, one major advantage of incorporating automation into traditional QA, and bringing in interaction analytics, is its immediate impact that can benefit both agents and supervisors.

“This does so much—not only for the agents but the supervisors. Because they can spend their time now coaching as opposed to listening, the agents can get immediate feedback, and the organization can understand direction, directionality, and how people are doing that day. They don’t have to wait until the end of the week, month, or quarter to roll all of this information up.” — Jeff Gallino, Chief Technology Officer at CallMiner

Combining the Power of Interaction Analytics with our Blend of High-tech, High-touch

With over four decades of experience, Teleperformance understands the critical importance of balancing technological advances with the power of human empathy through our proven High-Tech, High-Touch approach. So, even beyond the CX space, the company has become a value-added, agile business services partner with significant relevance in today’s digital world. As such, Teleperformance is able to help companies accelerate digital transformation while making business operations simpler, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

As part of our robust technology and partner ecosystem, we have partnered with CallMiner, a software company that specializes in AI-fueled conversation analytics. Its platform analyzes omnichannel customer interactions at scale to drive business performance improvements. Based in the US, CallMiner works with many leading companies worldwide, rapidly gaining wider adoption amid the current digital explosion.

So, don’t get left behind. Navigate today’s digital environment like a pro by tapping into the combined experience and expertise of industry-leading solution providers like Teleperformance and CallMiner.

Get started today by watching the recording of our LinkedIn Live session.


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