Teleperformance Content Moderation: Valuing Trust and Safety
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Valuing Trust and Safety

Teleperformance - 05.13.2021

The number of digital platforms made available for customers continues to rise as technology adapts with the changing buying behavior of customers. It’s no surprise that users of digital platforms consistently generate an astonishing amount of data—back in 2018, Social Media Today shared details from a report by DOMO stating that over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. Fast forward to today, we’re seeing staggering numbers that depict the continuous rise of generated data. According to Statista, a lot happened in just one minute on the Internet in 2020. We’re talking about 404,444 hours worth of movies streamed through a major video streaming service, 500 hours worth of videos were uploaded to YouTube, 347,222 stories were shared on Instagram, and Twitter gained 319 new users—all happening in one single minute.

Innovation will continue to affect the way people use and implement technology. So, data must be monitored and mitigated to ensure it doesn’t damage business reputations, bottom lines, communities, and people. Protecting companies and customers with strategic and comprehensive trust and safety solutions has become a business imperative.

 evaluated the shifting roles of trust and safety teams in the workplace, narrowing it down to three key aspects: 

  1. Building trust in customers by establishing customer identity
  2. Understanding intentions
  3. Engendering customer trust in the organization, and creating a safe environment

As Teleperformance embraces and evolves our digital transformation capabilities, we understand the importance of building trust and promoting a safe and secure digital environment for our clients and their customers. Teleperformance Trust & Safety services keep harmful predators away from your platforms by removing content or accounts as appropriate. We continuously protect customer data, ensure regulatory compliance, and safeguard brand reputation.

Our highly-skilled teams use technical know-how, problem-solving skills, user insights, and Machine Learning algorithms to keep your environment safe for genuine users. By having the largest geographic footprint in the industry, we can offer deep, unique insights into every country we operate in, with native speakers and tools in more than 50 languages located in 20 countries.

Our Trust & Safety services can protect your business in six critical areas, namely:

User-generated Content Moderation: We flag user reviews, comments, and uploads through Machine Learning and human moderators.

Ad Moderation & Monetization: We review for misleading, inappropriate, or malware content and remove ads that target or harm users.

E-Commerce, Shopping, Payment/Fraud: We screen shopping sites for fake reviews, fraud, and unauthorized sellers, buyers, and transactions.

Application & Developer Support: We ensure your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level reviews.

Application & Developer Support: We ensure your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level reviews.

Digital & Media Support: We find and review any uses of your screens and original content to ensure they are authorized.

Identity & Account Authenticity: We identify fake accounts, unauthorized access, and illegal activities and remove accounts per your policy.

Ready to form a partnership built on trust and safety with Teleperformance? Let’s talk. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business!

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